For Sale: Anyone interested in a frame shop in sunny Cottonwood, AZ?

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Jun 12, 2010
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I currently run Old Town Frame Co. in Cottonwod, AZ. I am looking to relocate and am interested in either selling the business and commerical property or liquidating my inventory and selling some equipment. The market is busy here and we are the only traditional bespoke frame shop in Cottonwood, the nearest other shop is either in Sedona or Camp Verde. The business occupies an 1800 sq ft building on a half acre that is also for sale. I have a large customer base and a great reputation (check our google ratings). When I purchased the shop in 2009 it was known as John's Design Center and had operated in town for about 28 years, so all together it has been around for about 40 years. I have a CTD double miter saw, Cassese pneumatic nailer, Wizard 9000 CMC and Excalibur wall cutter. Also on hand is a couple hundred feet of moulding, a fair amount of matboard, foam and glass as well as a few hundred ready made frames priced and ready to sell. Pre-pandemic we were grossing approximately $160,000+ annually. Last year it dropped a bit with closures but demand seems to be back to normal now. I have had employees in the past but am currently the only employee and can keep up with the work, however I haven't advertised in years and feel I could easily get busier than I wanted. Definitely room to expand if someone had the drive. If anyone has interest in any part or all, shoot me an email at

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