Anyone going to WCAF?


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Oct 6, 2001
Montana ( A Tourist runs through it )
My daughter and I will be there. Looking forward to seeing some new things.

There will be NEW things right? ;)
I have gone to the show since it started and I love it. Great classes, new products and the night life.
Wife and I will be there also, Sun - Tuesday. Other meetings on Tuesday, but Show & some classes Sun & Mon.

Any Grumbler or HHer gatherings planned?
I'm coming and bringing the whole darn staff for one day Monday. It is time to get new software and I want them to see it before we jump. I'm there on my own from monday afternoon on so a get together would be great.
The real fun of this show is it's friendliness. It's great for education (PFM is the best at putting on quality education-hands down), but it's size allows for a lot of interaction.

I see more people here than at Atlanta and the great benefit to that is, when you meet someone face to face, you realize that those little dust ups on forums like this are, well, silly. Those one on one opportunities melt all the unknowns away and you realize that most people have the same concerns as you. We have so much more in common than not and these opportunities reinforce that fact

The closeness and familiarity are it's biggest asset, right next to it's classes
This will be our 4th trip to the WCAF. It seems to grow bigger and better each yr. The classes and seminars are the big draw for us.The Trade Show has also been very informative and "hands on" as far as new frames and equipment. And of course, LasVegas offers lots of activity during "time off"..