Anyone Going to NY Show?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Oct 10, 2000
Just wondering if I'll run into any Grumblers. I may go, but Sunday only. I might drive down Sat. night. Fortunatly, I don't have to plan any farther ahead than that weekend as to whether I go on not.
Andy and I will be there Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

Will anyone be taking Murray Raphel's class on marketing?

i am hoping to go for atleast two days. should be saturday and sunday. still not sure on the classes as of yet.
Wife & I planning to be there Thursday - Monday. Sounds like we need a cruise director to organize a get-together.
Feb 27-29th @ Jacob Javits Convention Center in NYC.

It's a large event which takes up 3 of the 4 convention halls in the complex. (ironically, the 4th hall is rented each year by a jewelry trade organization client of mine just 2 miles from our shop. MJSA)

We'll be doing our first NY show and visiting our daughter, too. Probably be in on Sunday but depends on the kids schedule.

What say we all just wear a green sticker, or something, on our name tags so we can find each other, that is if we aren't lost to begin with.

Planning on being very tired that day.

Hope to meet some of you there.
I'm thinking of going. It's actually my birthday that weekend so it gives me a good excuse to get out of dodge for a bit. Any recommendations on where to stay?
We haven't booked yet.

I hear a lot of folks stay at the Comfort Inn, which allows free parking.

Last year we took the train from Hartford and stayed at the new Westin Times Square. (what a nice hotel!) The only problem is that it wasn't close to any of the shuttle stops.

Any suggestions?

As far as identifying the Grumblers and Hitchhikers, the registration booths have "Grumbler" and "Hitchhiker" Ribbons upon request - which stick to your name badge. It got a lot of strange looks last year (excuse me, what's a grumbler?, etc) but we met a few others.


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I have stayed at the Travel Inn for the last three years. The parking is included with the room, and it is an easy walk to Javits. There is a diner around the corner, and a few delis along the street. I checked the rates a few days ago, and the price was $125.00 per night. It can be found on Travelocity.

We get Grumble ribbons every year. I think they are now green. Decor magazine has supplied them in the past.
Originally posted by B. Newman:
Will anyone be taking Murray Raphel's class on marketing?
Betty, I would take any class on marketing but did not find this one on the schedule. Do I have an outdated list?
The shows overlap and are in the same convention center, but in different halls. They honor each other's admission badges.