Anyone going this weekend to the NY show ?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Apr 8, 2004
Hi everybody,

I was going to go Sunday but am having a hard time psyching myself up to go into the city on my day off to look at more framing.

I have a list of booths I want to see but other than that I am not inspired to be there.

I hope it is worth it and that I come back with a renewed vigor for the business but, for now I would rather finger paint with my two year old.

Is any body else going? (Or are you there today?) If you will attend what are you looking forward to seeing or doing?

I'm not looking forward to paying $45.00 to park again or a $4.00 bottle of Snapple and a $4.00 pretzel but I know I'll be more positive once I'm there.

How about you?
Do you still have the info.

That email is long gone.
Thanks Pat.

If your ever in the neighborhood drop by.