Anyone familiar with

Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
My father is a well-known-about-town pen/ink &/or pencil artist. He was just contacted by and asked if he'd like to put some of his work on their web site.

Does anyone have any knowledge of this company?

Does anyone have any experience with them?

I believe this is the same company that years ago was the premier resource for secondary market prints. This was a subscription service that member dealers used to locate any out of print item. Assuming that they are the same business, they were excelent the last years I used them (10 years ago).

At that time their integrity in grading art condition was second to none. Ask them if they are the same one that used to publish paper resource lists more than a decade ago. My guess is that it is the same from what I have seen of their website.
They are like an e-bay for art - originals and prints. They charge a fee for 'x' amount of an artists pieces, put it on their web site and then people buy it from and they in turn give the artist their asking price.
I'd have to disagree with Jeff. I don't think they've been around for more than a few years. Regardless, my wife tried listing some art on Art-Exchange for $150 and we got no response to it. Perhaps if your father is well-known enough, it might be a worthwhile proposition.