Any Wizard staff out there?? I Framer error.

Paul N

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Jun 10, 2005
CT, not far from the LI Sound

I thought I'd use this weekend to evaluate the Integrated Framer demo, and in case it works, I might buy it (especially since you have a great price reduction through January 2006 ($595 I believe), and Jim Miller's article was also very helpful)..

Anyway, I installed the demo, connected my Canon A95 and fired up. It seems to see the camera, take the picture then nothing.

I click on the blank screen (where the picture of the frame and the 2 mats and 1 fillet is supposed to be, but it is not) and I get the error message (see picture below).

I know it's a holiday weekend, but I thought it would be a great time to try it. If any one knows what's wrong, it would great help. Otherwise, I guess I'll wait till next week and call tech support and see what they say.

Paul My hat is off to you!~ You must be a pure optimist!~ The world needs more people like you!~ Don't change!~

One thing I have found: Never install or change software when tech support is closed!~ LOL

Just because I am parinoid does not mean it will not happen!~

LOL, yeah, I am an adventurous optimist!

It seems like a bug to me (the error message essentially freezes the application).

I hope they can fix it soon, because it seems to be a great little program and you can't beat the price.

The demo from LifeSaver, Picture It first, worked great a few weeks ago but it is more expensive.

But knowing how good the Wizard guys are, I am sure they'll fix this bug - assuming it is one - very quickly.
Hey Paul.. that's been fixed. The demo version wasn't supposed to allow you to take a picture - it'll let you connect to the camera (to test the camera before you buy the software if you need to), but the latest version just shows the demo screen when you click capture instead of actually taking the picture.

Version 3.1 was just made official last week - I will send you a private message on where to download the new copy (our website should be updated soon for everyone to download it).
WOW! Now that is Customer Service and Steve didn't even have one of those Banglo/Detroit accents either...