Any Palm III users

Meghan MacMillan

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Nov 22, 1999
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I had a Palm IIIxe and lost it. I replaced it with a different model. Now I have a useless (to me anyway) cradle, and sync cable. I would happily mail them to any of you who could use them. I don't have the time or patience for eBay and I cannot bring myself to just throw them away.

I don't have a use for the cradle etc. but why do I get the jumble error on the "dumb question" thread?
ask a dumb question you get a dumb answer?
This could be a good EBAY.COM item

WOuld dearly LOVE the cradle if it fits my Palm 130--or is it 103? The newer full color thingy.

WIll even pay the shipping/handling. E-mal and I'll give you my address.

the m130 is what I replaced the old one with. Alas, neither the cradle nor cable are compatible.

(But isn't it a nifty little thing?)
O RATS. Yes, I just love it. Even though it isn't cutting edge stuff, still beats paying $500 for a palm-type minicomputer.

Allmost replaces all the stuff I have in Outlook