Antique wool rugs


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Jun 12, 2003
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This is a rug (1 of 3) we've been asked to frame:

this is the back side of the rug.

It's hand-woven wool and is 80-100 years old. Our idea is to sew a muslin backing, sew loops to the backing and hang on a rod in a case.

Are we on the right track? What would be the best way to sew the backing and carpet together? Perimeter only or some other pattern? What are we not considering that we've overlooked?

We haven't seen the rug in person just yet. The customers came in yesterday with 2 pastels that we're framing and the conversation turned to these rugs. We'll see the rugs next week when the customer comes in to pick up the pastels.
Any help that anyone can offer is greatly appreciated.

Tony :confused: :eek:
You might consider sewing a strip of velcro (hook) along the top, then attach the loop side to your "platform". For added depth, attach the loop onto a 1/4"-3/8" strip of wood, e.g., then attach the "strip" by screwing it on from the back.
That looks exactly like the rug Grandmother had in the front parlor. Since it was my job to haul the thing out and drape it over the porch railing for cleaning, I can tell you - those things are HEAVY!

You might want to consider using a shadowbox and mounting the rug on a slant to help support the weight.


(PS The rug is hooked, not woven. That means if you see a loose thread don't pull on it.)