antique floppys

B. Newman

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Sep 5, 2001
Kodak, Tn. USA
Now, if that ain't an oxymoron!

Over the weekend I found a box (tucked or tossed back in the back of the closet) that contained a 5" floppy with all 6 episodes of Wolfenstine 3-D. Is there any such contraption to adapt or copy these to cd for use today? Or should I just chunk them?

You can still find the occasionaly 5.25 floppy drive (Wizard has one or two laying around in storage for "just in case").. but you probably have to search at a computer store that caters to recycling older PCs.

Wofenstine was a great game - when it came out 486-66s we're fast. You might not even be able to play it today on an average computer but I would give John Carmack, the great uber-geek who wrote it, the benefit of the doubt and proclaim that it probably runs fine.

I'd bet you could just look in the bargin bin at CompUSA and get one of those CDs with 1000 games for $10 and it would be on it... so personally I wouldn't bother.
Thanks Steve, that's what I wanted to know. It just hurts a "pack rat" like myself to throw anything away that is perfectly good, even if not usable!

Somewhere in my basement, I have a PC with a 3-1/2" and a 5-1/4" drive installed. I think it also has a GIGANTIC 170 meg hard drive. I pitched the last of my 5-1/4" disks a few years ago.

When the hospital where my wife was working still had dual floppy drives on the terminals, she gave the IT people some excitement by pushing a 3-1/2" disk into a 5-1/4" drive.

Apparently, it just kinda dropped out of sight.