Anti-Reflective glass recommendation for shadow box


May 16, 2004
Here is a photo of a job I recently completed:


(the camera angle is a little wierd, it's symmetrical)

It currently has UV plexi in it althought the customer originally wanted museum glass. I tried to cut the glass with the 90 degree notches and it proved impossible. The score would continue past the point where I needed it to stop and the glass was too thin to drill first to prevent the score from continuing. (I tried on regular glass first, of course)

So the customer says there's too much glare where it's hanging now and wants to do something to fix it. We can't use the acid-etched non-glare surface because the frame is just over 1" deep. The only alternative I can think of now is the new museum plexi, but that's almost $600 for the sheet and that's insane!

Any recommendations to help break down the glare but using plexi or maybe a thicker glass that can be cut into this shape?

Maryland Glass and Mirror 800-352-3380
will sell smaller lites of that material. You would have to cut the notches with a saw and be careful to avoid excessive chipping of the surface coatings.

I've cut cross-shaped glass by carefully pre drilling with a drill press and a diamond bit, but I'd be nervous as **** to try it with museum glass.

I don't see how the thickness would be a problem, though. You just have to drill very slowly without applying too much pressure. It's MUCH easier to control that with a press instead of a hand-held drill.
1/4" chisel (very sharp) ---
Turn those invexed corners to convexed radiuses, and cut curves that match, much the same as you would for a fan box.

When you are done, go change your clothes. (make a test run or two with scrape glass.....

When you have everything cut, use a pumis stone to soften the edges. Finish burnish with 400 grit emery paper (wet). This will protect against any future fractures.

"Tru-Vue Optium Museum Acrylic" is something like Cyro OP-3 with Tru-Vue's anti-reflective coating on it. It's anti-static, too. And it might be less costly and/or easier to buy from your local Tru-Vue distributor.