Another Unusual Frame Job: Need Suggestions


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Jul 30, 1997
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A client bought a wooden screen with shallow lattice moulding around the outer edges and used as cross pieces between the sides. Picture a tic-tac-toc board. It's all maple, very plain. She wants to put small playbills in the openings created by the flat moulding. The openings are about 8 x 11. She wants a minimalistic effect.

I can glue the playbills to the wood, but how will I hold the glass in place with seeming invisibility? I know we aren't magicians, but would a tiny bead of silicone be strong and "quiet" enough? Or maybe a teeny balsa stick stained to match? Any ideas? The lattice is quite shallow so, of course, are the depressions into which the playbills will go.


I don't know why, but it isn't glass that pops into my mind. It's mylar.

A Mylar envelope that spans the gap and can be glued or ATGed to the mullions????

I think the balsa stick would work but make sure it is the stronger balsa. Use wood glue. Only after you've helped your kids build structures for competition, do you realize there is balsa more compressed or stronger than what you used. Oh that was a long time ago. Back when we sold craft supplies as well as framing.