Another one bites the dust!


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Apr 1, 2005
Maple Valley, Wa
Went into work today, and was given the news that our store owners are retiring, the store is closing.
Saw this comming quiet a while ago, suprised we have lasted this long.
Will be looking for a job......
Crap this sucks!

And I was gonna come see you guys next week...

Let me know were you land Elsa.

I guess North Seattle is a little far on the commute?
you could move to Ky and own your own shop!
Looking for another job does suck; you have my sympathy there. But I think you have a very good chance of finding something far better than what you had. From what you’ve said on the G, your old employer was shortsighted in terms of encouraging you and appreciating your quest for new skills and knowledge. Better opportunities await you.

Have you already scoped out the local frame shops?

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop at this shop too. It could be weeks from now or years – there’s no telling.
The woman I bought this shop from was pretty much given the shop by her boss when he retired. Why don't you throw a figure at your bosses and see if they bite! If not then contact SCORE and get a business plan and P&L put together with them. They're great, tend to be free or low cost and a phenominal resource. Plus you may qualify for a low interest loan that are available.

Do others work with you? Maybe you could open up as a Co-op and pool your resources/credit histories to get that loan.
I bought my shop from a couple that both were ill, and they stuck with it longer that they should have. They were 12 months behind on the rent! I looked at their books and saw that their owners draw and extra labor costs were the sole cause of the losses.

So I bought the shop by assuming the old rent debt and a small amount in monthly payments to the owners. I had both debts paid off in 24 months!

There are many creative ways to do this IF YOU WANT TO. Do you? Think carefully, it is a big, big, big, big step!

The key thing is to find out what they REALLY need and want to accomplish by closing. Once you have identified this, work up a plan that gives it to them. This is a key part of attracting them to a situation that is different from what they are planning now.

If you want to pursue this there a lot of help from us here - just ask. Feel free to contact me, I would love to help you.
Oh you are all so wonderful!

Today was a difficult day, The going out of business signs went up!
Our store is not just framing, but it is also a very large craft store. So buying the current business is not an option. I talked to my boss,--(he is the owners son, and the other framer in our shop is the daughter! a true family business! ) and he said he had thought about opening a frame shop, but unable to find affordable space in our area.
We had a great sales day though!!

Baer I truly did some seriouse thinking about that spot in North Seattle. That is one @#$% of a commute for me. Hubby and I discussed it. My old car, so far from the kids, I just don't think it would work well. Did get a tip today so will look into it and let you all know.

Your support is well appreciated!!
Elsa, sorry to hear that. You will find something, you seem like you would be a great employee to another frame shop if you can't open your own. Your experience and eagerness to learn will count for something!!! Good luck to you girl!