Another LJ-JoAnns Tidbit


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Mar 20, 2001
Powell, OH
I just downloaded the latest price updates from my software supplier. It list all the new items that it has loaded. Apperently LJ is now producing a seperate line just for JoAnns with joined prices in the $8 range for 3 1/2" wide gold mouldings.

This doesn't really bother me as LJ is playing a much smaller roll in my business. Just food-for-thought.
In the same list they also had moulding with a $75 a foot lenght price. These are probably the finished corner frames announced in NY.
I think I'll ask my LJ rep if they will concider producing a special frame like that for my store. What do you think the chances are !?!?!?
Often there are threads here about things that framers are upset with vendors for doing. Does anyone actually contact the vendor with their thoughts? or do they just complain here?
Tim, were is the complaint?
These are just facts, take whatever meaning you want from them.
Often there are threads here about things that framers are upset with vendors for doing. Does anyone actually contact the vendor with their thoughts? or do they just complain here?
I DO complain to my sales rep. I have discussions with him. He is aware that I am not thrilled with some of the choices his company makes that in a way, affect my business.

A new thought about their partnership program. It is very one sided - I haven't shared that yet.

In some industries there is territory protection - so another retailer cannot carry the same line within a certain radius - but I see this is not the way with this industry. They can open anywhere they want. Like less than 1/4 mile from my shop.
Roz I don't know what industry you are refering to or where that occurs.But more importantly who enforces those regulations?In this area that might end up with an unfair trade practice litagation.The only ristriction of that type i have seen are morititoriums ,preventing any further shops of a given kind from being opened in a given area.But the ones that are there before the moritorium can be located anywhere they find a store front .

I have said that down here in a 10 -15 mile area that incompasses this metropolitan area there may be as many as 100-110 shops that do framing. In fact I literally know of two shops whose back doors face each other and are only seperated by an ally way. As far as being blocks away ,all you need to do is take a stroll in the French Quarter,there could be a shop doing framing on almost ever other block.
Hi Roz-Can you imagine if, when you opened your stores, that LJ refused to sell to you because someone else in your area already carried their product? Holy smokes, I would be some kind of mad if they did it to me.

In fact, of all the lines you carry now, how many were carried by someone else before you opened.

I can't imagine that you would want to have to give any of those up because someone else had it first
Those product restrictions are more in giftware than materials for conversion. When my former tenant, Domino's pizza, left, I wanted to move in a gift shop that was located nearby. However, a couple of their vendors would not sell to them if they moved to this location because a shop just up the road already carried their wares (smelly candles, etc.) No such conflicts with my current tenant, a national investments office-- a good tenant, but not exactly a traffic builder.
Lots of art publishers have territories. I don't much like them. Makes me feel obligated to sell more of their stuff. Some gift lines we've dealt with have had them too. Framing territories would be rather silly, especially considering the similarity in some lines or knock offs.

"You can't get this anywere in the area but here."

"Yes I can! Michaels has it for 50% off!"
Often there are threads here about things that framers are upset with vendors for doing. Does anyone actually contact the vendor with their thoughts?
Yes, Tim I do. I recently had a long conversation with my regional sales manager, as my rep did not want to handle the issue.

Dave, I do not use POS, can you please be more specific. I would love to know what they are paying for joins. I am taking an educated guess that it is slightly above box.

How many framers here are willing to really pull the plug on Larson? I am. I just don't want to do it until I have a clearer picture of the facts that Larson apparently does not want to be honest about. I like Larson, but I also don't like what is becoming clear. One fact is clear, Larson is easily replaceable. Apparently, Larson thinks we are replaceable as well. Maybe they are right.

If you do decide to make a move, do it based on numbers and not make it an 'emotional' decision. You can buy moulding of equal quality, you can buy moulding at a better price, but to combine those two things you will need big volume. It is sometimes easy to overlook how much we spend on shipping cost. I can hook you up on some companies that have almost perfect knock offs. Heck, it may even be the same stuff, but you have to add the freight back in to the product cost and some of them is box quantity only.

I guess this would keep the universe in balance, I picked them up, so you need to drop them.
I am not at the office today. But the Items discription was "joanns 3 1/2 gold" The join price was $7.99 per foot.