Another Jinbox!

Jin Wicked

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jul 14, 2002
Houston, TX
This one was done by me from the start, design and everything.
Top & inside mat is Jacana suede, the lighter brown is Targa and the white mat is Victorian Cameo. Pictures are not so hot, but the sheath of the dagger/letter opener is very mottled and textured, so the whole design of the framing is kind of soft and full of texture. The handle of the knife looks to be made of mother-of-pearl, which is why I included the Victorian Cameo.

The frame moulding has a 1" black boxer nested behind it, but the frame is so wide it really can't be seen, and the outside edge of the moulding I picked was black so it looks pretty sharp.

Customer is one of my newer regulars... she said they purchased it at an antique gallery just outside the Louvre in Paris. It did indeed have a receipt with it for $1330 Euros. Told me it used to belong to Napoleon. Not sure if I believe them or not. ;)


My brain hurts now...
Very nice.
Beautiful job, Jin! I saw a similar piece on History Detectives last night. Apparently Napoleon gave out a lot of daggers, pistols, swords, etc as honours to his associates, but the piece would have a "N" on it in some fashion.
Durrr... I wish I would've known that. It had quite a bit of scroll work on it but I wasn't really looking for letters. There's a little tiny wolf head on the sheath though.
Nice job. Waiting for your web page to be complete. It takes about $1500 to buy those Euros.
Waiting for my webpage to be complete...? Only the very front page isn't done.

I did do the currency conversion. Actually I pretty much knew it anyway, since I listen to market shows on the radio and knew that Euros were valued a bit higher than the dollar right now.
Wicked design, Jin!

(sorry it's late, and I'm old...)

Looks really great, for real!