Another great website

Jay H

PFG, Picture Framing God
Dec 8, 2003
If you hate going through the hassel of actually talking to a humban when you call a company? Well here is a site that tells you what numbers to call and what to push to talk to an actual human.

On this list is companies like Dell, Bank of America, Equifax, IRS, eBay, Cingular, and hundereds of others.

Good luck!
That's the most useful website of the past 153 years of the Internet (or whatever year it was invented by Al Gore...!!

Thanks Jay!!

PS: The funniest entry:

IRS - Don't speak or press anything to transfer to an agent...!
there is no one on this planet that hates talking to voicemail anymore than I do..I often will hang up.
great site..llok forward to actually using it and seeing how it works..
I heard it on the Glenn Beck show this morning. One girl who works for the site said they commonly change the nubmers but they have company insiders that update the site with the new numbers.