Another "Earthlink" SCAM

Bill Henry-

Brussel Sprout Connoisseur
Aug 17, 2002
Boondock Bowerbank, ME
Retired from the grind
I received still another notice from “Earthlink” claiming that my account was about to be terminated if I did not reply immediately. When I expanded the header, it looked suspicious so I contacted Earthlink directly. Their response:

<font face=monoco size=4>“If you recently received an email with the subject line “Important
Security & Fraud Alert From” please be advised that
this email did NOT come from EarthLink. This is a fraudulent email
intended to steal personal information. “</font>

So don’t click on the attachment, folks!
I recently had a sinmilar happening with ATT/Worldnet. They used the AT&T logo and it looked quite official.
I got an email asking me to update my account information with Paypal. It looked innocent enough and was very convincing with a number of embedded links. I did not open any of the links but opened my browser and when directly to Here's what I found:

" ... Recently, PayPal members have reported suspicious-looking emails and fake websites. These emails are not from PayPal and responding to them may put your account at risk. ..."

Of course I've never had an account with Paypal so that was my first clue!!

I reported it to the IFCC (Internet Fraud Complaint Center - HERE )