another adhesive question

Tommy P

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Nov 16, 2003
Mid North Indiana
A customer brought in a "50th anniversary" Korean War knife. It has the leather sheath and is about 12" long. He wants it mounted to mat board with the knife blade out of the sheath (the blade has the inscription) and the butt of the knife in the end of the leather hasp of said sheath. This will angle the sheath down somewhat allowing the blade to be seen level. I'm thinking that my self stick velcro attached to the back of the sheath and a piece at the blade tip would be an attachment solution. I am worried however as to the effect of the selsticking velcro to the leather backing if it ever needed to come out of this shadowbox. Which brings me to a know how ads , etc. are attached to magazines with that rubbery, sticky, yet removable glue stuff??? What is that stuff....looks like it may have some use in framing!! Anyone have thoughts on my ...thoughts??? I'd like to get my hands on some of that neat kind of reminds me of rubber cement but I don't think that's it!
I would be reluctant to depend on adhesive to hold something this heavy.

If you sew it to the backing board with monofilament or use EZ Tach you won't have to worry about either piece letting go and you won't have made an irreversible change in the objects.

Boy, are you gonna hear about THIS one ...
The knife could be held in place with a hidden magnet. The sheath should be sewn in place, or maybe narrow strips of Mylar....
This is one heavy piece of leather for this sheath!! Sewing doesn't excite me....we didn't have home ec when I went to school.

So no one wants to comment on that sticky "magazine stuff"?? I'm trying to think outside the box. But I will do it the right way!!
Well, Ellen beat me to it. Rare earth magnets will hold the steel knife; you can buy any size you want at Lee Valley & Veritas (Google 'em).

Note that more magnets are better. Impact might separate the knife from the magnets if you use too few. And if you use plenty of them, they may be embedded behind the top paper of your matboard background -- that is, absolutely invisible.

I suggest using suede matboard for the background, which would provide a nice looking, padded surface for the mount. To elevate the mount & compensate for the handle's thickness, build a small box out of the background matboard, slightly smaller dimensions than the knife blade. Mount your magnets in there, and glue the box to your background.

Ellen's right about the sheath, too. A couple of 1/8" wide clear film straps should do the trick.

I would not put adhesive of any kind on the collectible knife or its sheath, which is also collectible.
Sounds like a beautiful plan! I knew I could get the right way to do this on the G!

But that glue stuff still intriques me......doesn't seem to do any harm to what it's stuck to!!!
Still with the glue thing?????

I'm wondering if the reason post-it note adhesive doesn't harm what it's stuck to is that it never sticks long enough to do any damage.

Originally posted by frameboy51:
But that glue stuff still intriques me......doesn't seem to do any harm to what it's stuck to!!!
Funny but I thought about this just the other day...when the flyer it was holding fell out of my Decor magazine. that stuff works great for the month or two it has to but give it a few years and it will dry out, stain, break down and release whatever it was supposed to hold. Gee...just like rubber cement.

As far as self stick doesn't hold your moulding samples up without stapling why would it hold anything else? And have you looked at the back of your samples lately? Would you really want that creeping goo on the back of your collectable?
Okay! Okay! I'm throwing out my self stick velcro, glue, rubber cement and now even my post-it notes!!! But I'm keepin' my roofing nails! You people can't spoil all my fun.........
You may have to hide it in a drawer, but, don't throw out your DUCT tape either!!!

I have it on high authority that the earth is held together with duct tape. Without it, this planet would eventually just break into little pieces and drift off into space.

I consider duct tape to be even more indispensible than roofing nails and paper clips for holding things together.