An Ironic TK-Owner Story


PFG, Picture Framing God
Nov 21, 2005
Carson City, Nevada
I just dawned on me, and I'm not sure if it's just coincidence or what, you decide:

Since I stepped up to the plate of this frame shop as owner on January 1st, I've been plagued with "challenges" that have kept us from producing the orders as fast as I'd like. V-nailer had electrical problems, kept tripping the breaker; chopper broke a major part and the order took waay too long to arrive; mat cutter wobbles and we had to bring in the Logan; a flood; emergency hip replacement; bla-blah...
Our customers have been really great about delays, and we've kept them notified, and still managed to finish any that have had deadlines.
Except one not-very-understanding-customer: I had to come in today, all day, by myself, and finish 2 pieces, not because of a deadline, but just because she got pissy and said she's waited "way too long now and I even paid for it already", in front of several people in the shop, knowing about my surgery, and stomped out hmmmpffing....Two 8x10 Thomas Kincade prints, not even signed! Go figure. Just venting here. Thanks for letting me. I don't care if she comes back or not, I just wanted to get them done and outa there. Gag me.
And aren't you lucky? You will have bent to her way and now you will be her New Best Friend, ready to be tortured whenever she needs to get a Power High. Just be sure to add that old PIA fee to her work from now on....
It took all day to finish two 8 x 10 pieces?

I hope you recover soon, Val.

Just wondering...why is this on the main forum?
No, it didn't take all day to finish 2 pieces (altho, as slowly as I'm moving right now, it didn't take as fast as it usually does either!), I had to be there for the day anyway (with my husband's help) to keep the shop open, my helpers needed a day off, they had a long week. I just wanted to get hers done while I was there.
Looking back on my post, I guess it did kinda sound like I toiled over them ALL DAY LONG, just to satisfy her...bad choice of words. Sorry.
My point was that, out of everyone else, she was THE only not-nice-one. That's all. She was coming back on Tuesday and I wanted to get them done before something else came up and delayed them even further, just in case!!!
She may not be back. She wasn't very nice.
My experience with the not-very-nice ones are that after they leave they kinda feel bad about it, and if they do come back in,it's as if nothing had ever happened. If she does, I will also treat it like nothing ever happened at all, and not cower or apologize or feed the fire. Business as usual. People have bad days and you never know what made them act like that.
So, I guess I should've not made it be about a TK-owner, maybe just coincidence, (like I opened my comment with), and added fuel to that fire, huh. And probably should've not mentioned it at all. Not my usual self right now, after a full day at the shop. Recovering, recovering, one day at a time.....Waaa.

So...accept MY apology, since we're on an apology thing right now? (Right, Steph?) I will no longer bash TK. (snicker) -uh - owners. After all, they do help pay my rent, don't they? ;)
I got your point, and even if it did take you all day..( Which wasn't your point )so what? I think you deserve a good rant and a plague for even caring about their work.
I had a day like that yesterday myself, where everything went kaput on me and it seemed like every piece of equipment was in need of being refilled or some sort of attention.
Then to top it off the customer (she) comes back at 3 looking for her five pieces that weren't due until 6. To make matters worst she ( the customer ) decides to sit down and yak with Diane until I had the work done for her. I had to stop work on the other pieces I was working on and get right onto hers. Diane had to stop doing her art work and entertain her upstairs. Caused me to go into a tither, and made me nervous to boot.I got one piece done and brought it up to her only to find out I had forgotten to staple the whole thing together so the glass and all was fumbling about inside the frame. Of course I had the dust cover on already and the hanging wire in place. So I ended up embarrassed and took it back downstairs to re-do it all, While she waited of course.
One of those days...I am sure glad today is Sunday and my day off!