Aluminum metal frames


May 28, 2004
Grand Rapids, MI
This is a wierd question. Why do they use aluminum in making metal frames? It is pure aluminum od some sort of alloy? Any information like that would be helpful.

I need to know for a school project. In October I sold my framing business after seven years because I felt a calling to be an elementary teacher, so I am now going to college with a bunch of 20 year olds. Life can be wierd. Anyway I have to a research thing on the element Aluminum. I have cut and put together thousands of metals frames, but i know very little about them. Thanks for your help.
I believe the main reason has to do with Aluminum's properties:

Aluminum is light, cheap, strong and easier to work
with than other metals. And it doesn't corrode as easily.

As to whether it is pure, only the manufacturer would know. Their website might shed more light on the composition, but sometimes it is a trade secret.