Alphamachine pneumatic V-Nailer

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Jun 21, 2006
Tasmania, Australia
Dear All

I am looking at buying my first underpinner, so need some advice.

I am looking at a Alpha Machine pneumatic "3" v-nailer. My supplier here in Australia stocks them, they are Italian. There is one at the moment on ebay from a framing shop that is about 4 years old, they have a good replutation - the shop that is selling I mean.

Just wondering if anyone has had one of these or any of the Alpha Machines and how you found them ?

Any replies greatly appreciated !!

Kind Regards
Young Aussie
They're known as AMP in the US. I bought mine from Antons many years ago and have never been disappointed with it (although it does have a minor leak in the pressure guage now, must sort that out...), it had a garauntee to fire somthing like a million nails - I can vouch that it has exceeded this in leaps and bounds with hardly a glitch.

Great company to deal with, I would always buy that type of machine new personally as I would like to know it history and have the support should anything go wrong.

(I'm off to "touch wood"!)
Thanks Lance, I actually use Antons in Australia also !! I did not know that they were a world wide company !!

Thanks again, from what I can find, which is not much, they seem pretty good !!

I've been using a 'Minigraf 4 ' for a year now
I've not had any problems. its a very nice machine

Hi there....I want to start my own picture framing tired making money for other people!! I've bought a Minigraf....I think it's the 4....I had to buy the clamp and some V-nails.....boght the PowerTwist ones.....but I'm having problems in that the machine fired 2 at a time....then none at a time, followed by the hammer catching the bottom of the 10's block. I'm gutted and am wondering if I should send it off to Lion in England to get a (expensive?) service. Does anyone here own and operate this machine and does anyone have any ideas as to how to fix it up? I'm used to using the Cassese CS-299M's lovely to use, but I doubt I could justify the £2500 price tag at the beginning of my venture. I was looking at the manual version, with rebate clamps...Cassese CS-88. Can anyone help, or should I just cut my losses on the Minigraf and buy something new?
If you can and are willing, could you contact me direct at

Many thanks....Doug Wilson.
The Wonders Of Lion!

I made a posting yesterday about my Minigraf 4. I was having problems with the machine....but have to confess they were problems of my own making. I should explain...I had ran out of the twist wedges for my machine and decided stupidly that the Cassese wedges would do to get my machine tested! I got the wedges snagged between the hammer and block and as if that weren't bad enough I then decided to force the bloody thing off to free myself from the predicament! DOH! I guess I must have bent something and guess I'll have to try bending the bugger back tomorrow! lol

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Martin from Lion in Birmingham as he has been a great help and indeed I have just received my 4th e-mail tonight as we ping-pong ideas back and forth. I've known and used Lion for many years now since my early days as a framer with the artist Simon Blackwood....some 25 years in fact!
I've never known a company to take so much trouble to help a framer in need....even if it was a stupid framer (framer Gump) who tried to use the wrong wedges in his machine and then wondered why it all went bums up!

When there is little effective difference between Cassese, Alpha & Taurus, the 1st consideration after that should be to look at who has the better backup service available should any problems arise.

I also have used Antons but I also know they are going through some internal turmoil & with a shortage of techs, their tech. dept, might not be as reliable as others at the moment. They are only an Australian company with offices here only. Good luck with whatever you purchase. With better backup service, my choice would be between Taurus & Cassese.

Thanks Lance, I actually use Antons in Australia also !! I did not know that they were a world wide company !!

Thanks again, from what I can find, which is not much, they seem pretty good !!