Allow me to kevetch...


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Sep 5, 1998
New Cumberland, PA
Ok, ...this is nothing more than a grumble....

Don Mar drives me up the wall. Every day, I amass more and more reasons to dump 'em.... now, this price change memo ....

"No, we're not sending you a new price list, even though the prices have gone up...go to our web site (and, btw, we're not going to tell you what it is..) and download it. What?... you went there and can't find it on the site (trust me .. it ain't there) ... well, it's because you have a Mac (oh, gimme a break ...). Oh, well, ok ... it's a drag, but we'll TRY to get someone (the maintanence man, maybe?) to get a list to you ... no, (and I always love this one) IT'S NOT MY JOB."

It's Friday. I'll get through it.
It’s not downloadable in the usual sense of the word. I had to highlight the whole table directly from their web site and copy it to a word processor (to get rid of the redundant carriage returns and convert to a tab delimited format) before it was usable in a spreadsheet.

It's not because you (and I) are committed to the only good platform, Macintosh. ;)

Yes, they could have made it more like Decor or Larson-Juhl, but Donny, Jr. is a bit of an old curmudgeon dontcha know!

If you would like the updated list in either AppleWorks spreadsheet or word processor, or Excel, or even in a SimpleText format, e-mail me and I can whip it over to you.
I don't use Don-Mar, but I just wanted to acknowledge the other Mac users out there in Grumble land. Besides, I HAD to read a thread whose title contains the word "kvetch".
:cool: Rick
Good kvetching-sorry you're having this problem. How annoying. I just picked up my price change CD from Southern Mldg. last week. As Betty said, good on 'em.

Don't know why I feel the need to add this, but add me to the list of Mac users.
Don Mar drives me up the wall.
Less thinks Don Mar is the BEST supplier in the business.

Yes, their website sucks.

I just love the ladies.

Hmmmm? There's Judy, Suzie, sorry ladies, Less' memory is shot from too much Unseal.

Although I can never get Don on the phone. Guess I can't blame him, who wants to listen to Less?
Thanks, Bill, for the list ....

In spite of your goodwill, we took one look at it, re-analyzed the situation, said to ourselves, "Duhhhh ... these yokels want us to sell THIER stuff??? Like, nobody else offers these lines ??? At a better price??? And has no problems with customer service???", and proceeded to have a trash-the-wall party.....

Wound up keeping about 4 ... until the NYC Show gives us an alternative...

Feel much better now, thank you ....
Sorry to stray off the subject, but Oh my gosh, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to give my thumbs-up to the Mac. When lightning struck, it was the only computer system not fried. Of course because it's superior. Thanks for letting me say Yay Mac.

Amy McCray
I would rather not stray too far off a subject because sometimes I find it disturbing when others do, and I even erased a previous post today, but just cannot help myself. YAY MAC
I just get to the 'stopped' portion and then skip the 'think' portion. And lose my place too.
Originally posted by FramingFool:
Thanks, Bill, for the list ....

In spite of your goodwill, we took one look at it, re-analyzed the situation, said to ourselves, "Duhhhh ... these yokels want us to sell THIER stuff??? Like, nobody else offers these lines ??? At a better price??? And has no problems with customer service???", and proceeded to have a trash-the-wall party.....

You’re welcome.

I love Don Mar! Yeah, their web site is lousy, but, in my experience, their service is excellent (you’ve got to make allowances for Suzie – ‘cause I think she’s from Providence), and I don’t have any other distributors who come near to matching their prices. Reconsider before you dump ‘em entirely.

Around here, their moulding selection is unique if not totally upscale. I sell more of their stuff than Larson-Juhl even though my corner selection (oops, “wedgewood pinkies”) ratio of L-J : DonMar is about 2-1/2 : 1.

I always thought that "ketevch" was a Bulgarian motorcycle.
Originally posted by Bill Henry:
That sort of post is one of the insidious side effects of using a Mac.
To be honest, we used to be hot for DM ... the delivery was nice, and yer right, the prices weren't bad. I was a little p.o.'ed when they closed the NJ distribution site, but c'est la vie...Their quality has been increasingly unreliable, but the ladies in R.I. are fine ...
We carry about 28 different suppliers, and, over the past 6 or 8 months, I've been (unintentionally) replacing DM duplicates with those of others ... better price ... better quality the reps point out the comparisons. DM's exit from our walls just seemed like a logical step (this price change fiasco was just the last straw).

But thanks again for your efforts in getting me that list.
For all you rabid Mac users:

Has it occurred to you that if ALL of us used Macs, there probably wouldn't be any need for a tech forum on The Grumble and we could change it to the "Looking for LaMarche" forum?

Also, have you noticed that you rarely hear one of us PC users come back and say, "But a PC is REALLY better?"


PC User But Highly Respectful Of Macs
(Also, Dog-Owner But Highly Respectful of Cats - especially the ones with claws)
Originally posted by Pat Murphey:

Wouldn't you be wanting a Mc instead of a Mac?

Pat :D :D
No, Pat, even a Mac keyboard will get gooey with that "Special Sauce"!
From a few posts above (Framing Fool... )did they close the NJ distribution site? I was aware that they closed the office, but was not aware that they closed the whole place. This would be good info for us mid-atlantic framers. Thanks for the info.

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Holland Pa

So, are you saying that a Windows-based PC is far superior to a Mac, and that anyone who uses the latter is a dope?

Maybe I'm just reading between the lines here.

You're lucky I'm not in PA. I'd have to turn you over my knee and spank you for saying such awful things about us Mac users. I'd fly out there now but I'm saving my pennies for a new iMac.

Check this out... The New iMac
How could you not want something as sexy as that?
Hey, Frank, where ya been?

Who would've guessed Susang was such a trouble-maker, huh?

This thread has inspired me to start a poll.

Hey, everybody, give me a couple of minutes to throw it together and then go take my poll (or pole, if you prefer.)
Originally posted by Frank Larson:
I'm saving my pennies for a new iMac.
How could you not want something as sexy as that?
"i" Mac?!?! What was wrong with the old "h" Mac?

"Sexy"? Must be a Bothell thing, Frank. In Redmond, they have laws about that stuff. :D
Ron, the post you made before Frank's is a fine example of the humor I enjoy so much from you. Smarty pants.

Now that FraminFool is feeling better, smiling as the walls become more spacious, is it then okay to continue a Frankenthingie?

I'm serious...
(Frank- dh is getting that sweet setup at work. Lucky duck..)

Sorry, you can be Occupant if you want, but I'm Serious and there can't be two of us.

Our mail would get mixed up.
I was reading warped the other day, hadn't since the time I stumbled in and gave a serious answer and got beat up on, (not really, just told gently where to go, which was not there) and it is amazing the rapport you all have with each other. I laughed out loud several times, I especially love Ron, but if I keep saying that publicly I'm going to get in trouble with my husband. This thread started out bashing Don mar and as it keeps coming to the top with more frankenthreading, or thing-e-ing, I’m sure people with limited time give up and don’t finish the whole topic because it has veered off the subject so far. Those of you who post so much and have a special feeling for each other, a great one which is obvious by your posts, do a bit of a disservice to some of these topics because it’s like walking into a room of special friends and being on the outside but in the meantime Don Mar still has these posts discussing them that people are reading through. I participated and was off the topic with my post on the Mac and realize I am again by posting this. I’m sure I will receive criticism for this post and I’m sorry because I do mean well even though I could be wrong and I’m sure I’ll be put straight quickly. TG is a powerful tool and it’s used by many in the industry and used well. I want it to be taken seriously and not discounted because it sometimes becomes so frivolous. Maybe when the ones of you who are so close to each other, really on the same wave length sometimes could use warped more and keep this forum a bit more to the point TG would be given more weight when it does make great points which are often. Doesn’t mean you can’t say something funny, just make it related to the point being discussed.

There I’ve thought it many times, now I’ve said it, my chest is open and out there a mile ready to be plummeted, so shoot away.
There I’ve thought it many times, now I’ve said it, my chest is open and out there a mile ready to be plummeted, so shoot away
Hard to argue with the FACTS

I can forgive any transgression when I hear the words, “YAY MAC”!
Don Mar had a price change? Atleast you received a letter. Can someone post a link to their site or e-mail it to me.

Long live the PC!
Their address is

As far as "frivolous posting " goes, ... it's like the tube; if you don't like the show, don't turn it on (or don't click on the thread ... I guess ya gotta be clear about these things).

No, I was misleading about Don Mar's NJ site ... their distribution center is, indeed, still there... it's their phone bank there that has been closed.
A footnote to my previous post: This site is called "The Grumble"; not "Picture Framer's Tech Forum". The title alone suggests that content here contains spontaneous postings ... a little strenuous at times, agreed, but refreshing, for the most part.

BTW, there is only one computer, and it's name is Mac.
If anyone needs instructions for downloading price list from Don Mar’s lousy web site:

The printable version doesn’t work, so click on the “Moulding-no pictures” link.

The price list will appear in a table in a frame to the right. Click on the frame on the right and with a Mac, press the “control” key and hold down your mouse down on the frame. (with a PC, I think just clicking the right mouse button down will do the same). A contextual menu will appear. Choose “Open <u>frame</u> in New Window”.

Once you’ve got the new window, “Select All” and copy to your clip board.

Open a blank, <u>Word Processing</u> document (not a spreadsheet at this point!)

Paste the contents of your clipboard into the WP doc.

Display the “hidden characters”. In AppleWorks, hit the COMMAND-; keys: In Word, click the “paragraph”-looking icon at the top of the page.

To get rid of the redundant carriage returns, under the “Edit Menu”, do a “Find/Change/Replace” substituting the paragraph-tab-paragraph combination with a simple tab.

In AppleWorks, in the <u>find</u> field, type “\p\t\p”, and in the <u>replace</u> field, type “\t”. Click the “change all” button.

In Word, in the <u>find</u> field, type “^p^t^p”, and in the <u>replace</u> field, type “^t”. Click the “change all” button.

You’re still left with double carriage returns, so this time do another Find/Replace using “\p\p” and “\p” (for the Mac), or a “^p^p” and “^p” (for Windoze). Click the “Change All” button.

If you wish to use this price list in a spreadsheet, “SAVE AS” this document as a "<u> .txt </u>" file and not any of the usual formats your word processor tried to coerce you into using.

This .txt file will open in a spreadsheet document so you can use a LOOKUP table if you wish.

If you just need a paper document, adjust the tab spacing so you can read it.

You covered all the serious stuff for me.

For all my life until last year I didn't do windows but have to now for various reasons. I never had to use antivirus software on my Macs. Seldom read any software instruction or installation manuals or tutorials either. Very infrequent if ever had a crash.

For you windows users who haven't used Macs...try it...

Once you go Mac you won't go back!

Dave Makielski