All glass frame


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Nov 19, 2003
Orange County, CA
I have a commercial customer looking for 24 pieces, each 24 x 34, that will have no frame! They are aiming for a contemporary look. They have images that are 20" x 30" and want 2" of glass ATWA. They had something similar a few years back where two pieces of glass were joined by bolts to sandwich the image.

Any ideas where to source something like this?

And as ever, they want this fast and cheap!

Appreciate any suggestions.
Local glass merchant ….Laminated glass….just like they use in table tops….have the edges polished…….and holes drilled to take the bolts..

Good luck
Why do people come to stores that specialize in picture frames, and say they do not want a picture frame? Perhaps that would be a great business to start, "The Non Picture Frame Store"or how about "The Unframe"?

CAframer, you are in the heart of a major metropolis. Spend some time in the yellow pages and find a glass company that can furnish you the pre made parts for this project. You can triple or more your money on them AND charge fitting as well.

Ignore your non customers "fast and cheap" order. Find your cost on the pre made materials, get a time projection from the glass company, then allow for your fitting time. Give the potential customer a quote. Why send them to somebody else who will do just that?

Beveling the glass will also add to the finished appearance and the bottom line.

Don't forget to get holes drilled and countersunk for your hanging device.

If they will go for acrylic rather than glass, Plex Appeal in Irving Texas can do tha as well as Lois at Superior in Ca. I don't have the contact here at home, email me through our web site if you need the info.