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Jul 10, 1999
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I have always used a Palm PDA to keep track of my life, but Roger has a Pocket PC provided to him by a distributor to do all the art supplies ordering. It even has a snap-in barcode scanner, so it is really easy to use. However, when it uploads the new database (happens quarterly) the machine 'times out' unless someone stands over it to tap the screen about once a minute. I have piddled around with it trying to find where one could reset the time out setting, but couldn't find it. Anyone have any idea how to fix it? Thanks, you Tech Folks!
When you say "tap the screen", do you mean the screen or do you mean the keyboard(or are they the same)?

Could that be some kind of power saver/hibernation setting? If so, maybe it could be bumped up so it doesnt shut down for 5 mins.

Some PDAs (my Sony Clie', for example) will do an auto shut-down if running off battery power, but will stay on if connected to ac power.

Is ac power an option?

One of the systems I use at work about every 16 minutes does a security lock-out after 15 minutes of inactivity. I have to key in a password to unlock it and the password changes every 90 days.

THAT'S annoying.
Ellen: try going on to the Brighthand fourm: Google it or find it on the Palm website.

While it's mostly devoted to Palm addicts, there is a section for PC-based PDAs. Very informative site

Hope this helps
As always, you guys send me off in the right direction. I will try what you say...