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Nov 29, 1999
trying to create photos for the web I have a problem with the stairstep effect at the edge of the frames. Any suggestions?
Do you see this effect when you actually post the photos on your website or just in your photo program? I do rudimentary editing (like stepping down resolution) with my Kodak software and I have noticed that unless I view an image at full screen the "stairstep" effect is really evident on anything smaller. When I print them (at high res) or upload them to my website - the effect is gone.

Perhaps Anne could help with this one - she is a retoucher!
If I can read between the lines (and, obviously, I’m not always good at that), can I assume that you are trying to create a “selection” from a portion of your original image?

If so, turn on your “anti-alias”ing on <u>before</u> you make the selection, or choose “feathering” (by one or two pixels) <u>after</u> you make your selection.

That should soften the edges.
I don't have any trouble printing the photos after jacking up the DPI in photoshop. I crop to the image of the frame and send it off to our tweaky at 72 DPII to be posted. I am not familiar with "anti-alias"ing.
When you are making a marquee selection with the selection tools (oval, magic wand, or lasso tool – except rectangle marquee), there will be a check box near the top of the window just below the menu bar which will allow you turn on and off the "anti-alias" feature. A check mark will turn the feature on.

Anti-aliasing "blurs" just the bordering pixels by a smidgen so that when the box is checked, the selection edges will be 'softer'.