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Mar 26, 2003
Alberta CANADA
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I would like to try some airbrushing to customize the finish on frames. (I noticed Baer mentioned it - care to share?) Does anyone know of a real good book or video on the subject. Where is the best place to get one - what kind of paints - where to buy them? etc

greatly appreciated
Thanks for the nod HB, but what I know, was all OTJ learning.

I have gotten lots of help from people at the artstores that sell airbrushes... and talking to street vendors doing t-shirts.

I usually shoot adulturated shellac for a easy-peasy clean-up. But I have shot acrylic in the past with great results.

I'm sure there has to be some kind of good books out there.
Hi HB,
I already do this, also custom mounts.
There are a couple of examples on my website, Old Scottish Shed and Tranquillity. I also painted the picture of the shed with the air brush, only my second attempt ever at any form of painting.

Do a search for this guy, Michael Cacy, he has some excellent articles on the net.There are also a number of websites with good information.

I use "Golden Artist" airbrush acrylic colours, they mix well and spray straight from the bottle. I use thinned acrylic gesso as a basecoat,and finish coats are thinned artists acrylic varnish.

I was lucky I found a complete professional setup (gun compressor etc) on ebay as new, and half the price.

Best advice I can give is keep away from the cheap end of the range,the top end are difficult enough to master, bottom end almost impossible.
Feel free to email me if I can help further, I am also on MSN messanger, username/ID:
Most hobby shops that carry model airplanes and trains etc. will carry fair to great spray gun equipment as well as how to books on the matter. GOt some stuff around here from back when. If your like me, oh boy! reading about it is one thing but doing it is another. If your more like Diane in her artistic abilities..than it's a piece of cake.
Either way I admire you for wanting to give it a go. Best of luck to you! Learning something new is so much fun. I love it when the light bulb finaly goes on..
CHeck out the Airbrush Magazine... I don't do any airbrushing myself, but I have heard it is a great magazine!
My late partner Kim used an airbush extensively for the first 15 or so years of our 25 year history together. She used it for retouching photographs, painting clothing, many art projects.

For a time she had a subscription to Airbush Action magazine and she finally stopped subscribing because the artist studios portrayed always ended up looking like something out of House Beautiful or some upscale mags like that. Her end of our shop always looked like an explosion in a paint factory.

Airbrushing is a very messy artform - beware!

I keep thinking I ought to try my hand at it because her airbrush, lots of paint and the compressor remain in my shop. Then I think of the time she was painting a dozen large wooden dominoes a bright schoolbus yellow with many layers of paint. Every time I blew my nose the kleenex came away YELLOW! And I was in the front room and she in the back!

Something to think about.