Aging Eyesight

Could you please type that a little bigger, Jack?

Yes, I've noticed. I didn't even wear glasses regularly until my mid-twenties and now I think I'm wearing the Beta test pair of no-line quad-focals.

I didn't even know they made 200 watt light bulbs until a couple of years ago.
Hey Jack, you might want to check in with an opthomologist - you could be experiencing cataracts - since my cataract surgery everything is bright again!

Which one?? One was a "he" and one was a "her", depends on which one you had light enough to read.

I thought Hanover was the Home of the Pretzel?? That really shakes my faith in Snyders Hard Pretzels!

Cataract surgery does make everything clearer and brighter, for distance vision, and I absolutely love all it has done for me. I continue to have to wear two different prescription glasses for reading and close up work, and a pair for intermediate vision, like waiting on customers at the design table.

I did read an article in the paper about a new procedure that involves placing a teeny little whatever, just below the cornea, that will give you close up and intermediate vision as well. I think it even works with cataract replacement lenses. It looks like a little washer and you focus through the small center hole. It does not affect your distant vision at all.

I am going to run it by my eye doctor next time I see him. It would be great to be able to get rid of these glasses for good.

My worktable is surrounded by two 3-way torchieres (50-100-150) and two adjustable reading spots. The family says when they drive up, it looks like an alien ship is visiting me with that strange, bright glow coming from the window.

But that's OK - I can see.
Jack, I really did think that Hanover was home to the pretzel. I was born and raised in a very small town just North of Harrisburg and am intimately familiar with Lancaster County and the surrounding area. But I had not heard of Sturgis Pretzels!

I can remember eating Charles Chips and Snyders Pretzels out of big cans that were delivered to our house regularly and Coal Candy that my dad bought for me when we would go East to watch that Andretti guy on the Saturday night dirt track in Nazareth and Allentown areas. And I swear I must have cracked a tooth or 2 on Snyders Pretzels, the hardest beer pretzels that I have ever eaten but I can't remember anything about the Sturgis company.

Thanks for posting that information. It just goes to show ya that, no matter how much of a resident you consider yourself to be in any area, there are always more things to learn about the area.

Hey John,

I almost forgot about your cataract surgery! You probably had that when I was incommunicado but I am really glad that all went well. That should mean that you also got your pilot's license and are up in the wild blue every once in a while, eh??

I had my second eye done last August in the VA hospital up in Marion, IL and I have perfect distance vision. As you said though my up close vision needs some assistance so I was fitted with reading glasses and they are OK. I seem to be getting a better focus up close than I had earlier on so I don't know if your near vision will gradually improve or not.

Was it you who had lost an eye and was so worried about not being able to see at all? I hope that you can look back on all those worries and laugh now that you see what those of us who went through that operation had been telling you.

Lititz is also home to the Wilbur Buds. I go there every now and then for a dark chocolate covered pretzel fix.
I had both eyes done (cataracts) awhile back. What a difference! I was 20/800 since I was little, and 20/20 now, with readers only for the tiny stuff.

Couldn't believe how vibrant colors were again, and asked the Dr. what he did to my face...those wrinkles weren't there before!!
I had cataracts in both eyes done at what I thought was a relatively early age (50). They were done in "monovision". One eye is for close work and one eye is for distance - no glasses. My big problem is that since the cataract surgery, I have a major problem with floaters to the extent that sometimes I can't see for 5-10 seconds. My doctor tells me that too many birthdays cause them. Thinking that I need to find another doctor.
Maryanne, I was 50 when I had mine too...too many bumps on the head and not wearing sunglasses for years! (UV contacts apparently didn't work!)

I had the same problem with major floaters afterwards. Doc did a "yag" laser treatment in the office and they greatly improved. Still have them, slightly, I can ignore them though, and they don't bother me. Thinking the same thing you're thinking.
Don't get me started....I am between "eyes' rights now.

After my recent eye surgery my vision fluctuates numerous times per day, even every hour, overnight, etc.

One minute I can read nothing, another I can read OK, then so-so. Crazy.

And since it fluctuates, new reading glasses are useless.
Framer guy, yup, that was me. I do take offense at your use of the word "worried" though. MEN do not get worried, period! If you want to know the truth, I was scared shitless, to put it as delicately and as PC as I can.

As far as my pilots license goes, I still have a few more months. I can only fly one day a week, so that slows the process down a lot. Also, I am not as bright and coordinated as most of the other students, that steepens the learning curve. I do have my medical and student pilots certificate though. I am flying solo now and working on my cross country requirements, almost done.

Happens to the best of us.
I swear this new light in my laptop is turned all the way up and is still so dim I can bearly hear you guys whine. :D

There, was that loud enough?
Today in church I was an usher, and dutifully opened several hymnals to Hymn 345 to hand to any latecomers. It was unfamiliar to me and looked unsingable. I reacted with mixed emotions when I heard "Let's join together in singing Hymn Three Hundred Forty Three."

Originally posted by JRB:
If you want to know the truth, I was scared [bleep]less, to put it as delicately and as PC as I can.
****! How come you can say that on the Grumble, but not "****"?
Originally posted by Meghan MacMillan:

****! How come you can say that on the Grumble, but not "****"?
I think it has somehting to do with the l-e-s-s on the end Meghan. You can't say **** but you can say damned. For some reason you can say bastard but you can't say bitch.
Oops, I guess I was wrong. :eek: I may have gone a little too far.......but, I'll leave it. I'm a firm believer in once you throw it out into the universe you leave it.........
That's easy, Meghan, shitless is less than ****! It's the same as dudeless being less than **** and helless being less than ****.

I thought all framers knew about the Laws of Less!

Hmm, I haven't seen him around for ages either!!

After a shopping trip on ebay, I have half-a-dozen pair of reading glasses in various styles and colors. As long as I can count them as a fashon accessory, I don't have to admit I need my glasses to read.

Aging eyesight is just one of the many topics covered in Interior Design School (2 semesters on lighting alone) with an emphasis on ADA and aging. What we were taught is the cornea turns yellow over time so our perception of color changes as well.
Keep this information in mind when dealing with elderly clients who have difficulty seeing the subtle differences in the yellow/red end of the color spectrum.
Good advice Dave.

My 85 year old mom found out last week that she is almost blind in her left eye. They found advance macular degeneration plus they think she may have suffered a mild stroke a few months ago. That would explain the double vision she was having. My dad has mild cataracts and macular in his eyes but can still see well enough to drive with the right glasses. Whether or not my family thinks it is a good idea for him to drive is another story! :eek:
I had a torn retina last year which resulted in tons of floaters; they sometimes blur things so badly I can't read for a minute or two. Scarier are the flashers: like lightning bolts off to the sides of your vision. They portend bad stuff.

The CK I had done three years ago works well for both near and far vision, but the floaters are a big fat nuisance. So far, no one has mentioned either mac degeneration or cataracts, but since I have low-pressure glaucoma, I'm sure the rest will show up sometime. :( Age is the pits and then some for body parts malfunction.
MerpsMom, I get those flashers, never knew what to call them. I've always referred to them as kind of kaleidoscoping to the side of my vision. I keep forgetting to mention it to my doctor. Don't get them more than once or twice a week. I never even notice it until I'm on my computer or late at night while reading. What bad stuff does it portend to? maybe I should be taking it more seriously.

John, the flashers are the result of the vitreous jelly sack which is your eyeball pulling away from the retina which is like wet wallpaper lining the inside of the orb. When young, the jelly is thick and fills the orb quite firmly. When older, the jelly gets thinner and rather sloshes around, tugging and yanking when it moves. You don't want that tugging to go too far because it eventually rips away from the retina causing garbage to seep in and obscure your vision (garbage = extreme floaters.)

When it rips, they have to spotweld it back to the retina. They can actually go around spotwelding weak spots, but they don't like to do that too often. It doesn't hurt much but it sure is expensive.

The whole thing is unsettling but there is nothing much you can do to prevent it and nothing much you did to cause it.

Have a nice day.
John, I strongly suggest you make an appointment now with your opthomologist specifically to discuss those flashers. They can be a symptom of an upcoming detached retina, and you don't want that!

MerpsMom...I had glacouma before my cataract surgies. It disappeared afterwards! Totally normal pressure now.

Anyone with floaters after cataract surgery, if they don't go away after a few weeks, ask your Dr. about the "Yag" laser thing that I mentioned in an earlier post. It's usually done in the office, takes just a couple of minutes. Worked for me, very minimal floaters now, and no flashers anymore either.
These flashers may be a migraine.

My daughter has suffered life controlling chronic migraines for most of her adult life - they run in my wife's family.

Migraines can be a number of symtoms including head pain, light sensitivity, flashers, and more, and you may have any one or all of them when you have a migraine.

The flashers may be an indication that a migraine headache is coming or the flashers may be the only symptom of a migraine you get. Some migraine suffers only get the flashers and never a headache.
Thanks, I'll make an appointment, scary stuff this getting old business. For any of you who can not determine when getting old has started, it's when that pretty girl you where checking out calls you "sir". First time that happened to me was about twenty years ago, what a shock! Now not only am I "sir", they think I'm cute. Scary stuff this getting old business.

Yeah John, but this scary getting-old business is still better than the alternative, idn't it?