After reading Mark's What would happen...?


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I have data problems too! Mine are not as dramatic as Marks, but after reading his post, I was wondering if anyone would have any suggestions?

A few days ago I was saving some information to a Zip 100 Disk and thoughtlessly pulled out the disk too soon. The computer had a heart attack and froze. I shut it down, then went home, put the same disk in my computer at home turned it on and then listened to to my Zip drive Click, Click, and then whirrrrrrrrrrrrr. Then a message appeared on the screen. [E] is not accessible . the device is not ready. The same message appears when I try to access the
original computer or use a new disk. I have reinstalled new drivers for the Zip drive in both computers and still get the same message. I can't find anything on the I omega site that would help.

So! Unless anyone has any ideas, I think I will have to go shopping.

Mitch, Zip drives do die. When they do, they often make that clicking sound, which is their death chant. Over time, I've replaced five of the old parallel port drives. I've had better luck with an internal drive and recently bought a very cute USB-powered drive for about 50 bucks.
Ugh, don't get me started about Zip drives...

Do yourself a favor and get a cheap CD burner. Even those will be obsolete soon, once mainstream DVD burners get under the $100 range (the cheap ones are now just getting there on Price Watch).
4x DVD burners are in the low hundreds now and will soon be the default.

The zip drives had a well known problem nicknamed "The Click Of Death". There was a class action suit a couple years ago and they settled and agreed to fix them free of charge, outside of the warrantee period. They also gave us coupons and instant rebates for replacement products.

Be careful, because it is probably erasing and ruining every disk you put in that drive. I suggest calling IOMEGA if you intend to keep the drive.

Here's a troubleshooting document for your problem:

Some of the settlements:

Thank you! Mike.

The information you gave was helpful. At this point in time the Zip drives fill my needs. I sent a note off to the boys and girls at Iomega to see if they can help. I do know that I want to upgrade to the cds or dvds in the future.

Again thanks to all who posted.