advise needed


Dec 26, 2005
Philipsburg, Montana
Hi everyone, my name is Jeff and I'm a new member. My background is as a professional artist. I deal primarily in the old west. Like a lot of western artists I liked the compo frames but was never satisfied with compo designs. So for thre past couple years I have been carving new designs and making molds. Our first frames will be coming out in March.
My wife and I live in a small victorian ski town in Montana. We also run a deli / gallery. Rumour has it that the gal that has the frame shop here is about to go on to bigger and better things. With this in mind we are concidering jumping in and filling the void. I own everything from a 60" C&H, to a wall mounted glass cutter, oval cutter, Chasse underpinner and mounting press. Our problem is lack of working knowledge. Though contacts we are concidering sending my wife to get some on the job training from friends with frame shops. I am to busy with commisions and theaching private lessons to get away or I would go. I have some very basic skills (enough to get in trouble.) Time is also a problem as our show season starts in March with the Charlie Russell show. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jeff
On the job training at other frame shops is good if possible. The one drawback with that in my mind, you really don't know if you're learning the best way to do things or the way that 'they' have always done it.

Check out:

It's coming to Vegas January 22nd-25th. Guaranteed that whatever it will cost you to go, you will make back at least double. Lots of great classes for the beginner in framing and business.
I agree that classes are a good way to go, but I also think that any on the job training would be priceless.
Sometimes you can get so bogged down in doing things perfectly that you just aren't as productive as you could be by learning the "what's really important and what's not".
The little time savers that make a frameshop more productive and save you money in the long run are what you will learn by on the job training.
Also the classes will make more sense to you and you will take away alot more.

I think a healthy balance of both, if possible, is the best all around solution!

What a great opportunity! Go for it and have fun.

Jennifer summed it up best.

Classes are great but you won't get a true feeling for running a shop until you work in a shop.
Thanks for all the advice. We joined the PPFA about a year ago. Tonight we lined up a frien that has agreed to tutor as an ongoing thing. Give us enough information to get us going the when we have more question they will try and help. I also think next January we wil do the Vegas trip. Thanks again. Jeff