Advice please on ITWAMP VN 42 underpinner......



I am in the process of ordering an AMP underpinner (v-nailer). the model I am looking at is "VN 42" It lists at about $3050.00. I made a deal with a company. I can get it for $ charge for shipping. What is your opinion on this model or ANY pinner made by AMP? Anybody know of a place I can get a better deal? I am currently chopping and assembling approximately 75 frames per week and my business is gradually growing. Any suggestions? Thanks... ajhohensee
I used one for 3 years. It's overall a very good machine. I disconnected the line that lets you fire a staple with the foot and only used the hand fire button. Your index finger will hurt if you don't, OWCH!

I use a several moulding samples upside down to help hold molding better in place. This machine is excellent on reverse pattern mouldings.

Speed is excellect, I could cut, color ends, and join about 50- 1.25 inch wide moulding in about 4 hours using this machine.

I would buy again.

Price you were quoted was what I got one for 3+ years ago, same exact deal.


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I have used an AMP VN-2 for many years and it has been an excellent machine. I have it mounted in a table with the frame away from the operator. The table tilts up about 15 degrees giving the operator a good view. It's very important to keep the machine clean with all glue squeeze out cleaned up. If you start to have joining problems check your vee nails - there have been some bad nails on the market. Also try a variety of nails to find the ones that work best in the mouldings you use. To extend the life of the pneumatic control valves disconnect the air line when not in use. And after a few years of hard use you will probably have to replace these control valves. This is an easy and inexpensive job. After the first time I replaced mine it was like having a new machine. I am about to upgrade to a new machine and I will stay with AMP. I remember the first vee nailer I had about 16 years ago. One day I put it in the dumpster. I wouldn't even pawn it off on someone else.

PS: To clamp a troublesome moulding shape use glue sticks as pads - soft but strong enough.
We've had our VN2+1 since 1991. It is a great machine. The one you're buying is more elaborate, but a similar design. You'll like it, I'm sure.