Advice for search words

Amy McCray

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Dec 3, 2002
North Prairie, WI
I am trying to search the archives for info on mounting/framing a piece which can be viewed from both sides.

Can anyone help me out with search words that might work? So far what I have been using is not bringing up anything and I know the subject has been discussed in the past.

Guess I'm having a Senior's Moment that's lasting waaaaaaay too long.

Thanks much for your help!
Sorry to harp on this yet again, but this is why it's so important to use descriptive topic titles. If someone is looking for the thread in the future, it'll be easier to locate with a title that makes sense.

If there's no chance they'll be looking for it in the future, it should probably be on Warped (where we live for the moment.)
Thanks guys.

Good comment Ron! General subject titles would be great.

Sometimes my creative juices for guessing possible alternatives, are all dried up.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Sorry Hugh, didn't mean to ignore your question.

The item is sentimental value, not conservation quality but I would like to treat as if conservation.

The customer's brother died very unexpectedly and a group of his friends had used a common poster board (22h x 28w) to put down their remembrances. The signatures are on one side and the other side contains artwork done by one of the friends.

This is all done in "magic marker" and their writing goes right to the very edge on all sides. The customer wants to be able to see the entire board.

I have also suggested framing a copy the piece, hoping to avoid some of the problems of having the "magic marker" inside the package.

Since matboard will cover some of the messages, I will need to float mount somehow. So far am leaning toward encapsulating in mylar so nothing touches the glass but am not certain if this will be sufficient spacing.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Ok, this is interesting: I put in Double Sided Framing and got one reply besides this very thread we're on now. But it wasn't the thread that Paul provided for the same search words. Interesting indeed.

Then I changed it to Double Sided FRAME and hit the Jackpot.

I'll be in good shape now, I'm sure. I'm on my way to hunt down the Jan. 2005 PFM issue.