advertising with a frame


Feb 26, 2006
Union Springs, New York
My local hardware store owner is letting me put a sign on the wall behind the cash wrap...I thought it would be cool to frame something really interesting and use that as my ad. I would hang a sign next to it with my info on it.

Any ideas? Do you have a framed sample of something up that just makes people freak out?

I..... don't think I'd want them to freak out - but that's just me...

I'm working on framing a hammer right now - and then there's that "Dickies work pants back pocket" I'm doing.

I think I'd make it something "hardware-ie". Or else just frame all your contact info. Either use nice calligraphy or western style lettering - keep with the hardware theme.
A framed hammer sounds cool, with some nails spread around for design elements. It would definitely make people look twice, and would show that you don't just frame Kincades (not that there's anything wrong with that). Maybe frame your info in the frame with the hammer, for spacial reasons. Use one of those accordian type rulers for a frame around your info... now I want to put something in our local hardware store.... great idea.
you could use things from the hardware store as part of the design. IE: shadowbox frame with tubing or copper for a makeshift liner with a piece of that peel-off metal on the back (maybe diamond plate) then you could affix all sorts of things on it to make it look like a toolbox/drawer.

I'd even maybe add a few wood shavings or metal shavings in there for effect or a small schematic of something you could be 'building/fixing'
"Electric Hammer"
either this issue of PFM or ART BIZ NEWS had an ad for various sized lighted boxes(made to shine light thru the display piece....brought to mind that "IF" they let you have power, you could/should light this box(from the inside) want public to see everything in there...& not just from the ambient light...not a 'keeper' piece so drill some ventilation holes in top/bot to ensure not hot-spots

please post pix of finished piece(up close &&& in situe)