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If you go to or if you return to BUDDY'S Picture Gallery and click on the site and then go to the Continued page 2 you will find a rather poor photo of an adapted piece of Crosstitch that was originally intended to be a flat all one piece work.What you will find there is the 3D adaption I spoke of in my reply to the two side Needle point post.
It was produdced by taking the croos stitch chart and making a opaque tranfer ,then flipping it over and photo copying the reverse .This allowed Marie to stitch the back and front of the fish,sew the two sides together and then stufff them (Trapunta) and stiffen them ,after cutting them out, with fun finish.The sea weed was either created by stitching aida with Glisten Glas Estaz floss and stiffening the aida with wire or by winding Estaz arond wire, either of which whas suspended by monofilament line as were the fish.
All the base attachments were hidden by glueing rock clusters around the entry points on the base mats.The Bubbles which originally were intended to be stitched on aida were acid ectched on the front glass.
But Most omportantly a Mirror was used as the background so as to enable viewing the opposite side and also to give the illusion of depth of field in the tank.

Also shown in another photo is a small Music box made of frame moulding. In it is a Tacthed hut and well along with trees and a foot bridge over a stream made of "Silk Gauze" under which is stitched tiny fish.
Everything in this Music Box display case is stitched or made of embrodiery Foss ,utilizing the same techniques described in the aquarium frame.
SO you can see Needle work/ART can indeed be "TWO SIDED" or even 3 demensional .It is only limited to your imagination and ingenuity. But Of course it dosen't hurt to have a Master Cross stitcher as a wife and PARTNER.
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Thanks Rebecca you are being too kind. This stuff won't win any awards for conservation but We did get some attention in a "Most Innovative " Catgoery in a Needle Arts competition.And the originator of the Cross stitch Design(the fish) didn't even recognize it as their own when it was entered.The Music box was an original design of my own and it wasn't nearly as impressive to the judges.