Adhesive release replacement?


El Framo

I remember some discussion about a replacement for Adhesive Release (due to the shipping of hazardous materials) and someone saying Bestine was a good replacement. Is this correct? I went into my local hardware store and they had never heard of it. Whassup?
Depends on what you're doing with the adhesive release.

I use acetone for cleaning ATG off the scissors (how'd that get on there?), cleaning the press, etc. I don't think I'd use it to release a dry mounted print.

I expect a snort-full of acetone would have about the same effect as Unseal, but you'd have to ask Less.
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I use Energine (dry cleaning spot remover). It is Naptha, and has all of the safety concerns of any petroleum distillate.

You can purchase it at most grocery, drug, hardware, and variety stores - it is usually in the laundry aids aisle. It comes in an 8 oz container and usually costs between $3 and $4.

I have used this to remove ATG tape residue, fingerprints from many photos (check a corner first), and to remove posters mounted with spray adhesives from their mounts and to clean up the backs before remounting.

One can lasts a long time. Be sure to follow all of the safety directions.
Our local distributors carry Unseal. Apparently, the prohibition in shipping comes from putting the stuff in the air(plane) whereas over-the-road shipping is allowed. At least, that's what I was told. LJ still has it as well...I think.