Ad-Aware SE 1.06 released!

Mike Labbe

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Jun 25, 2002
Lincoln, RI
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Downloaded it Mike....still can't get the thing to work right.

My main drive is "I", because the dumb thing sees all the cd/dvd, jump, card readers etc as "A"-"H"/

So I keep getting an error message that disk is not in drive.... so I have to keep hitting the Cancel button to keep it scanning....(about 12 minutes and 4,000 clicks) to scan the 380Gigs....

I can't find a place to tell it to just see "I" and "J"....

Same for Spy Bot...
Good in spirit, and maybe in the other 49 states, but for some reason, this machine would not let me reassign the drives...

Dang thing was made right here in The Peoples Free Bigoted Socialist Republic of Anti-Thinking Oregon.

Even the builder couldn't figure it out. Reassign

Some days you just want to
What kind of Baer-ware are you using for an operating system?

XP, though light-years ahead of its miserable predecessor, still makes you go through some hoops to reassign drive letters.
It's easy to move drive letters around, but changing the primary boot drive letter will likely require a full reinstall of Windows.

If its working OK, I'd probably leave it be.

Thanks Mike, I downloaded the release, ran it and it found 17 files that needed to be deleted.I ran Ad-Aware the day before and nothing had been detected. Pat
Oh my!

133 files found and deleted. Actually, I stopped it after 133 and it was still looking. I needed my computer for something else.

I was running the old version of Ad-Aware (which detected no available update this morning) and also Spybot Search and Destroy.
Mike, I would be happy just to be able to make Spybot and Ad aware stop looking at the "C" drive and only focus on the "I"&"J", yes, it's XP.

I ran and clicked the "cancel" for 30 minutes last night...48 infected files..... still was only through about half the machine...
Baer, a deep registry search with all fixed drives can take a VERY long time. Mine ran for an hour or so looking at 50 gigs.

I'll start it up again before I go to bed tonight.
See, that's my point Ron, I used to be able to leave it to start grinding through the seaches at 1AM... I could even have Ad Aware, Spybot and Norton going at the same time....something to see... :D

But now I have to click, click, click, click for the whole dang thing:f:

I'm so pistoled! I know there is crap hiding in there....and I don't have the time to dig it out....
and I don't have the time to have a crash...either.
Here's a thought, Baer. </font>
  • Open Ad-Aware.</font>
  • Click on the little gear icon at the top to access the configuration settings.</font>
  • Click on "select drives and folders to scan."</font>
  • Deselect all but fixed drives (hard drive(s)).</font>
  • Get some sleep.</font>