Acrylic 2 pc. package & beveled edges


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Jun 13, 2002
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This may be a project for an acrylic guru...

I have a customer who is a car dealer and has a piece he is trying to duplicate that was a promotional piece from the Auto manufacturer...

It is 2 pieces of acrylic with a photo sandwiched in between.

The top piece is about 1/8" in depth with a beveled edge that sits on the surface of the second piece which is 1/4" thick. This too has a beveled edge that continues from the top pieces edge and then stops and the edge is about 1/16" straight edge - all edges are polished - no sharp edges..

The pieces are held together with four stainless steel "knobs" (for lack of a better description) that screw together and these are about 7/8" by 1/4" deep.

Anyone have aany ideas to help with this!


I wouldn't put a lot of time into this. Jerome is probably right, but you might try taking it to a local trophy/plastic place and see what they can do about replicating your frame.

I've got a small network of folks like custom photo labs, a custom carpenter, acrylic fabricators, etc that I work with. A small markup for my time and I get to make a happy customer. I'm not above making a small amount of money if all I have to do is make a phone call or quick visit.

This is simply two pieces of Acrylic cut to size then most likely bevelled with a router , the edges are then polished, holes are then drilled and the screws are inserted to hold the two pieces together…..there is a plastic business in Dublin who I used to visit a few years ago who did work like you described.

It is unlikely that you would have the set up for this sort of work… around and find a plastic fabricator who can do this type of work… save time tell them you will need the edges polished……you will most likely need to source suitable screws yourself…..I suspect the stainless screws are similar to the screws used in plastic Desiccators and Electrophoreses that you will see around some scientific laboratories.

There is little margin in this business unless you know what you are doing, and as Jerry suggested it may be better to pass it on.

Roz, if you are determined to pursue this, why not talk to Lois Bauby at Superior Acrylics in Riverside, find out what they would charge to make one, mark it up appropriately and bounce it off your customer.

If he has a cow, you'll know he doesn't want it that badly and you can let it go without losing any sleep.

I know you're a long way from Riverside, but it looks to me like Superior is the best there is and also very accommodating.

Accommodating seems to be your middle name, so you and Lois should get along famously.

If you need her number, I have it at the shop or you can find it in about 10% of the Grumble threads.
I will give Lois a shout....

and Ron, yes, I try to accommodate.. and I will take that as a compliment!! I guess it comes from my production management background where I had to get 'things' done... no matter what it took... So - I still try - but if it's going to drive me nuts I will take what I call a "Pasadena" on it.... I may be nuts either way!

I know, I know... must frame shops would immediately say 'no' and I probably would have but it is someone I know.... And it's been pretty pokey here.. so it is more like a challenge!!! And if I can make my customer happy even if it is sending him to someone else to accomplish it... that makes him remember that I tried to help him/her!!


My local plexi fabricator makes these for me every now and then.
The edges are nicely finished and he drills holes and provides the clear plastic male and female screws. The backing plexi is a tad thicker than the front piece. He also cements hanging "blocks" on the back. They don't work very well when they get too large (like over 32 x 40) because they will bow and, as we say, get weepwow. They ain't cheap. I keystone them.

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