Abe Munn gone bad?


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Apr 24, 2002
Pittsfield, MA - The Berkshires
Anyone have any experience with Abe Munn since being bought by APF? An artist/customer of mine who has been buying moulding from them for quite a while is having a difficult time with his most recent order.

In the event their customer service does not improve does anyone have another source for an italian moulding, 3.25" wide with a 1.5" flat panel?
I'd be a little careful about passing on anecdotal problems. I've never had a speck of trouble with them. Your reporter might have just run across a one time problem due to their moving production facilities. I recommend that you don't panic. APF has also been manufacturing similar mouldings. The companies were founded by brothers back in the 40's. I'm confident that they will continue to serve well.

Pat :D
I would also like to interject the question of an artist buying direct with Abe Munn. They are usually pretty good at not having that happen.

Museums are a different matter though.
There are a number of manufacturers about that can provide that. No big deal. But if your friend was so glad with Munn's quality, why go for less or hope for the better? After all, Munn's touch is not becoming history. If anything, you'll see more of that than less.
Perhaps you are not familiar with APF. For many decades that company was Munn's mirror in every respect, except its ill management. I am surprised that APF bought Munn and not the other way around. That's all.
For anyone discouraged with Abe Munn/APF, may I recommend Inline Ovals?

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