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May 30, 2005
historic Charleston, SC
The site, www.slickdeals.net has daily deals you may find useful for your business needs. Here is an example from today's listings. Put this site in your Favorites!

Staples $0.49 Office Supply Sale & Free Shipping
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Staples office supplies for $0.49 each. You must click on the "order by item #" link at the top of their homepage and enter the item# to get the discounted price. Free shipping. Thanks MissLeading.

Case Logic Monitor CD Visor $1.90
385744-KN Black Wire Mesh Small Doodad Cup
334690-KN Staples Tack N Stick Adhesive
462580-KN Avery Round-Ring Poly Binder, Black
435230-KN Avery Round-Ring Poly Binder, Blue
435263-KN Avery Round-Ring Poly Binder, Red
199984-KN 3x5 Top Bound Memo Books
200006-KN 4x6 Top Bound Memo Books
200014-KN 4x6 Top Bound Memo Books
831594-KN Small Metal Binder Clips
160788-KN Envelope Moistener
112284-KN Swingline Staples 5000 box
889610-KN Tube-Type Moistener
521906-KN Bic White-Out
334641-KN Washable Glue Sticks
317313-KN Flat Staple Remover
103481-KN Medium Ideal Butterfly Clamps