A/R glass problem


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Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
Just when everything's going along fine....I think I have myself in a corner again.

I sold a piece a couple of weeks ago with special glass: Tru V A/R glass... well, I reallize I only need one piece and the cost to buy a case is so high... gees - what do I do about this!?

And then after re-reading my info (still learning on this one..) that it isn't even UV protection.

The piece is a triple mat/fillet very elaborate piece (and is already late) and to boot - My POS priced it wrong - like LOW$$.

How to save myself from me?? Thanks,

True, Museum Glass (that IS what you're refering to, isn't it?) is pricey .... although a little more reasonable these days ...

I just bite the bullet and order a case ... I'll use it all at some point ...
I guess I am looking for not just the bite the bullet suggestion - but - what other glass would be better - in my ignorance - I thought this was better than it is. It provides non glare without the 'frost' look but provides no UV - which is what I thought I was also getting.

And why is my pos pricing it so low... gotta check that out.


Roz as FramingFool says, the UV version of the glass is called Museum. Even at the 35% reduction (the A/R went down too.) It's still up there. You can get a single lite of Museum from most vendors, if that's what you need.

Unless you're sure you'll use it, I'd jsut buy the one lite. The one box 1 lite list price for a 32 x 40 lite of museum in the LJ catalog is $144.91.

The full list price in teh catalog for 2 lites of A/R 36 x 48 is 196.65, but will you use the rest? I think it's silly to buy stuff you "might use."

Edit: oops, those prices are before reduction. I think you just take 35% off. sorry
buy it, show it, you WILL sell it. I've got an extra display kickin around here somewhere. Funny, my vendors tried to give me two of them and then TV sent another. :rolleyes:

I don't offer A/R - only Museum. I figure if your going to pay the price, you may as well get the protection.
Not sure why you say no UV protection with A/R. TV A/R is 78% UV protection, versus Museum at 97%.

We sell both dependent on application and purse constraints.
I'm with Lesster, buy it show it and you will sell it.
FYI: AR is 70% UV block where Museum is 97%.....
32x40 from National Glass is the 3 lite box
@ $166.50 for AR and $245 for Museum.

The way to sell it is take a nice dark picture, had wrap a wide (4-6") black suede mat and a yummy frame. Hang on teh wall that faces your windows...... then tape a 6" strip of regular glass right down the center (top to bottom). It will almost sell itself.

I had a woman come in three times ("just looking") and on the forth she brought her piece. The museum glass was $235, all else was negotiation to fit her budget of $400. Once we started looking a great things though, she wasn't unhappy charging that $675. After all, you don't make it onto the cover of AD every day....

Buy it, display it, you WILL sell it.

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Recently, I needed a small piece of specialty glass which I hadn't needed in over a year. It just didn't seem worth it to invest in any quantity to sit in inventory So I just ordered my one piece, custom-cut, by L-J., and still made profit, and no fuss - no muss. Just gave it alittle cleaning and good to go.

I think baer has a good idea with a comparison display but you're still putting out the money and what if you don't sell it?
Ah, a custom cut piece of glass. That is interesting.

I think I need to bite the bullet and buy the glass. But how do I recoup the incorrect price in my system - I guess I just eat that too.

It is a gorgeous project - so I will.


If you display it, you will sell it.

Sometimes people just need to know that it is available, so that even if they don't use it this time, they will keep it in mind for next time.

Also, think about different applications for it. I have always known AR/MG to be for fine art and shadowboxes, but I now have a bunch of needlework ladies using it once I put it on an intricate piece of cross stitch as a shop sample.

Roz, just tack on a bit to the next few orders.

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I bit the bullet and went to Museum!

It looks stunning!! And I will have to make it up on some other pieces in the future.

A lesson learned. I have updated my POS to reflect correct pricing.


I'll share a marketing ploy we use with museum glass.

Everyone who uses it will always have small pieces left from projects. When a frequent framer comes in with a small piece to be done, give them a free upgrade. As you said, it sells itself. Once the frequent framer sees how great it looks, they NEED it on other pieces.