A Pretty Good-Sized Screen


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Jul 30, 1997
Leawood, Kansas USA
Have a designer wanting to frame an oriental screen which is 9' x 5'. Your typical one: 6 connected 18" folding sections, image is paper mounted on fabric and stretched taut, whole 9 x 5 surrounded by a thin C-channel metal. Very lightweight.

Her second frame choice comes in sticks long enough. Question is how to back the package. Pegboard feels too heavy to use in total but could be stripped. The screen almost fills the rabbet. Figured Z-Bar cut in sections to avoid wall bow would be a good hanging system. There is no glazing involved.

Other than get the money upfront,
and the obvious caveat about being able to get it out of the workshop, any suggestions?
Rip Mahogany 2-1/2" wide with 45 degree bevel for a french cleat strainer. Make strainer, and hand them an 8'long french cleat that they can screw into 5 studs along the wall, then hang securely.

Good news is: that thing will never go out of square or get knocked to hang uneven.