A multi-level mat rack??

Paul N

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Jun 10, 2005
CT, not far from the LI Sound
I have lots of mats (100+ French, a couple of hundred fabric, paper, suede etc) and I would like a different way of displaying them (right now, each sits on its own rack).

Does any body know of a source for a free-standing, multi-level mat rack??
We have a multi level Gemini model, with wheels, and love it. It allowed us to get them off the counter to free up room for the visualization system monitor.

If its going on the counter, there are a couple companies that make 2 layer ones in acrylic and metal. It has been discussed before in previous threads. They are often in the ads you find in the final pages of most trade magazines, too.

I use a cheap metal yet decorative four-shelf baker's rack that works beautifully. I cut plexi as a floor and back wall for each shelf.
Each shelf is the perfect size for either 4" or 3" samples. The samples sit like "L's" on the shelves.
It's sturdy.
It's organized.
It looks darn cute.

edie the justmakingdo goddess
Edie, I have some mat samples hanging over the shelves in a similar fashion to your method. How do you keep them from falling off the racks? Do you have a lip on the front? Or are your shelves really close together?

I try to keep mine angled so you can see the colors and fabrics, but wanting and doing tend to be two different things! Like, I want to keep my shop neat and tidy BUT I can't seem to!
Hi Edie:

Neat idea with the baker's rack, but isn't it too high? What I have in mind is around 4 - 5 feet high
and can be moved around.

Very creative, as always though!
My samples don't hang over the edge at all, they just sit neatly on their butts on each shelf.

My shelf is about 5 1/2 feet high, I have the perfect nook for it. But I have one at home that is only about 4 feet tall. I used that one for the 3" samples way back when. Just take your tape measure shopping.