A knock-out design


PFG, Picture Framing God
Mar 20, 2001
Powell, OH


Nice try Jeff, but only if the guy who made it work gets one.

PS Jeff is my Powell store manager. :D
Beatiful work by both Ari and Dave. You two did a great job. Thanks for making me look good.
Only one word I can say is AWESOME!!!
Who's Joe Frazier? :eek:

Both of you, great jobs.

But I'm confused Dave, is there a plex box that goes over all of that to protect it?
Customer required that there be no box over this piece. He is a former sports collectable dealer. The glove is just an off the shelf glove with no value other than the signature and those are a dime a dozen. He wanted people to be able to remove the glove from the mount so they could handle it. The backing is linen and the photos are individually framed with glass. We were also on a strict budget since he has every inch of his basement walls either covered with framed items or items yet to be framed to cover every inch.
$200 budget. Ropes are elastic cord. Posts are doll rods with screw eyes.
Great work on a tight budget. How about Boxers. What did you use for posts, ropes and turnbuckles? What did yours weigh in at? More than $200 I'm guessing.
I shaped hardwood dowel for the posts. The turnbuckles are actual turnbuckles, the ropes are shock cord. The turnbuckle sleeves and pads were sewn. I like to think it's way more than 200.00 likely around $1000 or better retail as we had to manufacture a deep frame for it but who's to say... we did it for a local charity... so in the end I guess the budget was $0 :D

Check them out...
Originally posted by Jeff Rodier:
He wanted people to be able to remove the glove from the mount so they could handle it.
How did you mount the glove so its removable?
Dave and Ari came up with a sort of buckle system that passes through the backing. This is attached at the laces of the glove. I haven't seen the piece yet since this store's work is done at the warehouse location.
There is a acrylic spade mount for gloves... can't rember who makes..

Glove just slips over. I've done a few Hockey gloves.
Dave, that design is so cool it should win awards! Can't believe you were able to keep with a $200 budget. It doesn't look it.
Fantastic simple but very effective design and straightforward execution. I guess there is still a place for screw eyes in the frame shop after all.
Won't find this type of design at the BB's...that's for sure.


Dave Makielski
When the customer picked it up he told me he had no idea that I actually intended it to be a boxing ring (3 dimensional). He thought the ropes etc. would be 2 dimensional. He said he really didn't get my concept at the time it was dropped off but totally trusted my judgement.