A Jersey question..

Tommy P

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Nov 16, 2003
Mid North Indiana
No. not the State, the athletic shirt!

Getting ready to frame three seperate jerseys. Have done them before but I am now questioning myself on the best aesthetic way to present a jersey.

Most I have seen are presented in a very flat manor...example: the catalog for Showcase Acrylics from Gemini. And when I was in the doctors waiting room last week (follow up to carpal tunnel surgery, and yes Baer as per your recommendation had the full open cut) I noticed two jerseys presented in this very flat, neatly kinda folded sewed down look.

As I was laying the three out yesterday I really sort of prefered a more casual and loose presentation. If you follow my drift. I feel it looks more like fabric and not painted plywood this way.

Any comments our thoughts on how anyone else presents these things......
I like for them to be asymmetrical. Maybe one sleeve folded over or something to give them a little dynamic motion.

My approach is to support them but not stretch them. It's nice to have at least pictures of both so the customer has some input.

I don't, BTW, so don't ask. ;)
I'm with you, Tom .... I never liked the static look of the flat method ... I prefer them draped, as if they were hanging in a closet ...and SpartaCraft's boxes have spiffy wooden hangers built in...
Give me your email & I'll send you some poics - we do lots. I'm not sure how else to post pics.