A hint about what I'm working on.


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Jul 30, 1997
A new server is being worked on. I'm on it right now. I'm seriously considering changing our software host to something we can grow with. As for our internet host I just signed a new contract to double our bandwidth. I'm taking down my notice about maintanence as it looks like a total rebuild. The good news is the old system will stay in place until the new one in working then It will be a turnkey.

Could me a month before it's ready.


That's GREAT news, Framer!!!

Hey, we are going to run with the BIG DOGS soon, gang!!

My one and only wish is to be able to use, within the bounds of good taste and societal acceptance, my own avatar. With all respect to our fearless leader, I have never used an avatar for personal reasons which I will keep to myself.

Well, there IS one other thing I would like to see, actually two, a microwave oven to warm up leftovers and an iced tea machine in the Grumble lounge.

With all that extra bandwidth maybe we can see our way through to having that happen, eh?

You take your time and get it right, Framer. And many thanks to you on a dauntless project for all of us from all of us.

Mr. Bill's going the extra mile for his beloved Grumblers! Thank you!

Framerguy I would like to add a request for a hammock in the Grumble lounge.....I call first dibs. But I'll be a sport and let you gentle rock it and fan me with palm leaves!!!

Thnks Bill for all your hard work!
I suppose you two could set up hammocks on either side of my chaise longe and I could rock both of you gently whilst sipping a mint julep and pedaling my soon-to-be-completed power fan. :cool:

(That reminds me of that cherished old favorite, "Rock me Gently in the Bosum of Framerguy".) :eek:

You Know Who
My one and only wish is to be able to use, within the bounds of good taste and societal acceptance, my own avatar.
I second that as well. I'm pretty sure UBB can put size constraints on them so they don't get out of hand too...
That sounds great Bill!

Can't wait to see which platform you choose. Most of the new ones are modelled after this software, but with some added toys.
I just bought VBulletin 3.6, 5 minutes ago. MySQL based.

As for the Avatars will should be able to try them again.

The new board allows uploads and attachment. The internal workings should be a lot better. I've been playing at a few Vbulletin boards for months and love the user interface, smooth.

Know I got to learn a new software package.

Sweet.. VBulletin is my favorite.

A couple years ago I wrote a program to download photos straight from my camera, thumbnail them, and post each photo into its own thread in VBulletin. I then made a special customized forum view for browsing the thumbnails. The Grandparents love it, as it allows us to have a "conversation" for each photo.

Can't wait to see the new Grumble..
Can the old messages be imported somehow? I guess the old one could be left up somewhere for read only reference?

Vbulletin is great. I use it for several of the forums im involved with. The format is very similar to this system.

I still have all those framing avatars if you want 'em.

I got the board up on a test server. I'm working on a import plan using old backups. This will take some time. The major reason I committed to VBulletin is they have a strong import program that covers Classic 6.7. I hope it works.

Just trashed the database, bought the farm. I will start all over again tomorrow.

Learned what not to do...

Bill, have a cool one, go for a walk on the beach, go sailing or . . . oh, it's probably dark there already... well, have a cool one.

Tomorrow is the next day. :D

And it's less expensive then fixing computer problems with a 38" 12gauge with "OO" buck...

Don't ask me how I know. Best wishes tomorrow.
Sounds like good things ahead for the G. Those upload and attachment features sound intriguing.
Thanks again for all your efforts, Framer.
:cool: Rick

Could you give an example of an existing site out there that uses Vbulletin, so we can check it out?

P.S.- Decon, that Mr. Bill character runs like a girl.
Well I'm back to where I started to mess up.

More later...

Originally posted by framer tg::
Just trashed the database, bought the farm. I will start all over again tomorrow.

Learned what not to do...

Guess you didn't do any backups, eh?? That is a real bummer.

I did much the same when I built my first gallery website. I wiped out the whole kit 'n kaboodle in one keystroke. Didn't have a single word backed up. And I am still not sure what I did to wipe it out. It just went down the crapper and left me with a blank screen and a limited vocabulary for a few minutes.

What I'm doing is working out the procedures to import all the data from the old board. I'm working from a backup. The new board uses an MYSQL database to hold most of the data. I trashed the system so bad I had to start this morning from square one. Reinstall the operating system. Did a clean install and found out I was fighting a bug in the import system. That was fixed a couple of hours ago and data is flowing into the database as I type this. I still have a long way to go but it looks better now.

The upload line speed has been doubled. If anyone feels otherwise please leave a comment here.

It seems peppy. Are we now at 2MBits? I bet the new cpu and SQL make a huge difference, too!

If it doesnt seem to be faster, with some cablemodem models you have to physically reboot the unit before the change kicks in.

Let me know when you're ready to throw the switch, so I can grab the poll results for the monthly poll. It will be ending early this month

Looking forward to the new improved Grumble!

Spent last night modifying-playing with the CSS lots more to. It looks great except for a couple of roaches in the code.

Color me weird or nerdy.. [I used to like to watch the space launches on our 13" B&W too.... :D ]

but there is something exciting and disturbing watching you two grok GeekCom . . . [computer geek comunication that THEY understand, for the rest of us...

Keep up the good work guys. And in the words of my nephew "Don't Poof the muther"...

I'm gonna go get a Malted jerked at the drugstore... :D
NOTICE!!! HTML signatures will not be allowed on the new board. You will have other option to use that will have the same effect.

Signature usage will soon be discontinued on this site so I can strip all the HTML code before uploading the database to the new server.

Does that mean Harold Thomas Matthew Longstead can't sign his name anymore?

My signiture is so unreadable that I don't even use it..

so what is and HTML signiture anyway and why did we use it if we won't need it anymore soon? :D
That means you won't be able to have a signature line that does this:

<marquee>Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?

I didn't think HTML could be used in signatures now.
I think that Bill has been burning too much midnight oil in his focus to get this all up and running efficiently.

Quote from profile:

Signatures can appear at the bottom of your posts. This option may be disabled by the message board administrators at any time, however. You may use UBB Code™ in your signature, [/b]but not HTML.[/b] UBB Code™ Images not permitted.

Heck, that isn't nearly as bad as taking Pluto off the genuine planet's list!! Now THAT'S plumb Goofy if you ask me!!!

<font size=1>Framer, am I in trouble? I HTML'd Handy's birthday ribbon and it <font color=purple>purpled</font color=purple> my I'M SOO HAPPY signature too, and now I can't get it unpurpled. I don't know how I did that (I've just learned enough to be dangerous) So feel free to unpurple my signature since we're not supposed to do that, cuz I can't....thanks.</font size=1>
That really effects only a few grumblers. I just had a major problem fixed. I'm still a couple weeks from being ready. (I hope)...


1am goodnight...

It must take days to convert all the messages over. Thats a lot of processing! Rons alone could take a day
14834 and counting!

Thanks again for all that you do.