A Framer's Christmas Story

Jay H

PFG, Picture Framing God
Dec 8, 2003
Did anybody read William Parker’s “A Framer’s Christmas Story” in Framing monthly?

What a real tearjerker.

I see a “William Parker” at the top of this page sometimes. Are you he? Anyway it was a great story and helps to put things in perspective in more ways than I have time to mention now.

I just wanna say thanks.

But I have two questions.

Is this a true story?

And did you ever find out why she quit comming?

Neither is relevant I'm just wondering.
William Parker is he.
He is also the current President of the PPFA and also a member of our Chapter. Come to meetings and you could meet him, and tell him what a wonderful guy he is. (That's all he needs!)

I'm also his Illegitimate step child but he doesn't like to admit it in writing.

But, that's ok.

for now.
Jay, don't listen to Jerry, except for the part about William being a wonderful guy. He is.

You should really come to our Chapter meeting in Knoxville in March. William will be there and you can meet this wonderful guy for yourself. (And find out that Jerry is pretty nice, too. He just doesn't want that part to get out. He's all bluster, ya know!)

To Jerry
From William Parker
RE Christmas & Paternity

Dear Jerry,

Sorry I did not make it to Kentucky for Thanksgiving. I got your letter to Santa, and spoke to your Mom, Tifony Heather Alexis. The good news is that Santa is going to bring you everything you requested. The Chemistry set...oh, and I added the "DNA At Home Test Kit" (send the results to my attorney...Tifony Heather Alexis has the address), the leather binder for the FACTS standards including individual dividers for the foam center board section, and the University of Tennesse Guide to Fraternity Humor (with illustrations). There are at least ten good candidates for worst joke. In some small way, I hope this will make up for missing all those birthdays, holidays, baseball games, and arrainments.

I will always be grateful for that moment in the drive through in the Dairy Queen in Owensboro, Kentucky that produced you. Please tell Tifony Heather Alexis that I will be back through Owensboro in the spring. She has a way with Blizzards that is pure joy.

Have a great Christmas, and send that DNA test result so I can see how you are doing.

William Parker
Sometimes, in this topsy-turvy world of ours, Warped is the center of sanity.

Thank you for the kind words. You now have two stories, the one I wrote for the magazine, and the story of Jerry's Christmas. One is true, and I will let you decide which one it is.

As to why the client stopped coming in to the shop, the answer is a little complex. The loss of a child refocused their lives. They became more concerned about people and less interested in material things. I think there was some residual pain associated with interacting with us. Finally, there is a customer cycle, and at the end of it they have framed everthing they need. That is the reason we need to constantly be looking for new clients.

This is a very special story that I have been sitting on for several years. I wrote about it this year, because it is a Christmas story, and I wanted to illustrate how important our craft can be to the people we serve.

Again, thank you for the kind comments, and I hope you all have a great holiday.

William Parker
"I will always be grateful for that moment in the drive through in the Dairy Queen in Owensboro, Kentucky that produced you."

Thank you for ruining my impression of my favorite drive through. Neither you nor Jerry is ever allowed in Owensboro again, as I don't need you ruining more of my hangouts with permanent visuals.

"I think there was some residual pain associated with interacting with us."

That is what I suspected. I too will fill some of that residual pain when I meet you personally and think of Dairy Queen.

Please forgive me...I would never compromise anyone's relationship with Dairy Queen. I believe in and use their products. I await the new Blizzard flavors with excitement. We lost the Nolensville Road Dairy Queen last month after 43 years in the same location (and it looked like it).

I can accept the potential fatherhood of Jerry, but not your loss in faith in the DQ. I promise that Jerry and I will stay away from Unit 634 in Owensboro.

I look forward to meeting you, even if it is in shame.

And now Jay, you see why we all love William so much. He is willing to give up a place so special to himself just to protect your memories of that very place. What a guy...

(Uh, guys... illegitimate "step" child... A "step" anything is like an "in-law"...

I'd sure like to see that DNA report... :eek: )

Judy, I've not read it either. I seem to be having the darndest time keeping my ABN/FBN subscription alive. (Man, for a free magazine, it sure is hard to get!) I looked online and couldn't find the article. If I get it, I'll let you know.

My interest is piqued!!! I am always ready for a good story. Where can we get it if we don't get the magazine?

(Another good story is "The Christmas Shoes")

Thank you for a very moving and reflective story. It's nice to know that what we do is important to people. It's not just "eye candy". We are creating things that bring joy into people's homes and lives, and that remain with them for many years, or become treasured gifts or family heirlooms.
I hope these good people resume their working relationship with you at some point.
Have a great holiday!
:cool: Rick
William's column can be read in Framing Monthly, which used to be Framing Business News. To subscribe, visit www.framingmonthly.com or call 888-772-8926. Framing Monthly is distributed with Art Business News each month and subscribing to both is FREE. Be sure to mention you want Framing Monthly when subscribing.

We're proud to carry William's column in Framing Monthly. I moved William to FM from DECOR so that he could carry his audience to FM and help establish that magazine as a framing education vehicle. We also have columns in FM from Vivian Kistler and Fred Schneider. It's a great read. Call and subscribe today!


P.S. Incidentally, William's December FM column is one of the best I've ever read in an art & framing trade magazine.
Yesterday was not an easy day. Multi (multi, multi) opening double mat with all different size openings had to be recut due to photos weren't the size I thought they were going to be. (Why oh why did I go ahead and cut the mat? Do I have any more of this speciality type mat board??? Oh yeah, whew, one small piece - enough.) And is due this afternoon.

Other frames came in late from UPS to be assembled. Due tomorrow.

I drug in the house at 10:30 and saw on the kitchen table that my ABN had come in the mail. Before I even took my shoes off, I read William's column.

Thought back on the multi opening mat. Couple of the photos of folks that had gone on. Neighbors, friends.

thanks William.

Originally posted by johntaff:
William's column can be read in Framing Monthly, which used to be Framing Business News. To subscribe, visit www.framingmonthly.com or call 888-772-8926.
Unfortunately (apparently) it can only be read in print. You can read ABN articles online, but not Framing Monthly.

That's a shame. But if you subscribe and request it, they will also send you a current issue.

It is a tear jerker.

We framed 5 drawings done by the customers sister-in-law at age 17. She passed away at 19 in 1979. He did this as a surprise for his wife. I told him to be ready for tears.

I love to do surprises for gifts myself and even more refreshing when helping others.
That article is certainly one of the best I have ever read! I think I will FRAME IT and hang it in my shop (with a box of Kleenex nearby) for my customers to read!

Thank you indeed Mr. Parker!!!!!