A-Frame keeps blowing over in wind


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Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
Does anyone have a clever, creative, attractive, sensible, neat way of keeping a wooden A-Frame sign about 2' x 3' standing in windy conditions?

We have ours out daily and bring it in at the end of the day. There is not grass or landscape where it is located but asphalt - so with heavy gusts of wind (which are prevalent in the area) - the sign is constantly being blown over.

And to top it off, the large garden rocks we were using to hold it place were stolen off the property the other night.


How about a web stay across the bottom with a 40 lb. bag of builders sand on it.
It is a sad day in this country when someone will stoop low enough to steal your rocks.
Peter - I KNOW!!! How desperate are they!!

We have a similar probem when using canvas bins at art shows. When needed, my husband uses a weight that is used on the canopy corners, puts rope through it and ropes it through the bin legs to weight it down.

Wally's idea is much the same concept.

But let's face it, if the wind gust is strong enough, it's gonna get it....no matter how you put it down.
we used to have one - it was a great big sucker - it was about 6 feet tall and the boards on it were 4X4 feet.

that darned thing would blow over in the wind and the whole street would shake.

We finally got worried about something bad happening so we replaced it with a permanent sign. No worries anymore.

We did notice, that on windy days it was better if we figured which direction the wind was coming from and turned the sign so the wind would blow through it. It would still occasionally go down, but not nearly as often.
Change the wording on the boards to a message that is, like really heavy, man!


How about fixing canvas to the sides, with more advertising on, which would conceal something heavy inside, such as a small water butt?
I would go to a sign store and have the sign printed on vinyl. Then make 2 triangular frames out of conduit and weight the bottom with sandbags if necessary. Cut scallops in the vinyl so the wind blows through. Then it will also make a flapping sound which will attract attention.
Could you put a large "D" ring down with an expansion bolt into the asphalt? Then just a chain from the top of the A-frame with a snap hook through the D-ring - maybe with a big'ol spring in line for tension?
Or is it wooden? Can you put some "skis" on it so that it would be harder to blow over? Ummmm, forget that people would find a way to trip on them. How about hanging a sandbag down the middle of it from the top center?
I am curious as to how this will get solved because I made myself three A-boards when I opened my shop, and soon enough all my hard work, (hand lettering and sealing these things, it took hours and hours...) was for nothing as all 3 wound up blowing over and getting hit by cars and crushed. I guess I was lucky though, because I just heard you can get SUED HUGE if one of your boards blows over or out in the street and causes an accident. Like, the whole city sues you, or something. Doesn't sound good..
i like the sand bag dropped from the center idea.. maybe that would work.
I have no suggestions or ideas, just complaints..
From now on I am going to call my rain barrels "water butts." Fascinating!

My sign blows practically away down the street on windy days. It is 1x2s with Coroplast facing. I just bring it in when it is blowing up a storm!
measure the hieght of the INSIDE of the sing to the ground. go to a pet supply. pick up a couple of the 'screw in the ground' dog anchors. stop at H.D. get some chain or cable the length of the measure & 2 large screw eyes...put it all together & you'll have a sign that wont blow over/away. you'll need to replace the anchorsevery couple of years, but no big deal
Roz I have seen some singage around here ( at service stations) that are mounted on two verticle heavy coil spings at the bottom of the sign, which in turn are attached to a weighted ( sufficent to hold it down/up) base .This allows the sign to flex to and fro in the wind and return to an upright position.I don't have pictures but it seemed workable and doable for a DIY project.
Does that sound good?
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BTW how do I get all that into the words 'water butt' underlined to click on, instead of all that garbage?

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Thanks Paul,

I hardly ever use the full reply form, I will experiment further.

Maybe this would be better than an 'A' board, we use one of these and it has never blown over.

swinging boards

Ours stands on a metal 'H' too, these look even better, bet you could fill those bases with concrete!