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PFG, Picture Framing God
Jan 1, 2001
Houston, Texas
These were done by my friend Lori up in Austin:

"Gus" original oil on canvas
Liner: Frank's Fabrics suede, from the Durango line
Frame: LJ Goya enhanced with gold accents


Not sure of the title here. Oil or oil pastel on paper. Suede mat, Roma frame, LJ Bolshoi fillet, custom finish.



Mixed media scuplture. LJ Antiqua moulding, built up with LJ Heyward (I think). Two Frank's Fabrics liners, museum glass. Overall size about 12x12.

That really shows the beauty of museum glass.
It really looks like there is no glass on the mixed media piece!
I'm on a lap top and hit the submit buttom before I was finished.

Anyway, your framing is great and I am really challenged to do more and to think outside of the box.

Very nice work. How was the Roma "customized"? I do think however an uglier frame may have been appropriate for "Gus".
ldraper: Frank's Fabrics sells about 700 types of fabrics for wrapped mats and liners, as well as the liner stock to do them yourself and all the needed supplies. Or they'll wrap them for you. I'm sure Baer would be happy to fill you in on any details you might want.

Frank's Fabrics can be found by clicking on the link.

Terry: Actually it was the Bolshoi fillet that was customized. It's usually silver, now it's gold. My description was a little ambiguous.