A customer says.."Do what you think....


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Apr 8, 2004
Hi all,

Had a customer drop off 3 movie posters. He dropped off 5 early april and was happy.

The 3 just dropped off were framed using crappy frames purchased through the internet that didn't work well.

His first order I framed using acid free fc and plexi with a metal frame.

The ones he just dropped off were metal frames with plexi and regular foam core.

I forgot to mention ALL of these movie posters were signed by the entire casts of the films. That is why we used acid free and plexi.

When he dropped off the last 3 he said,"Do what you think is right"

I worked up 2 prices for him.

1st. Just swapping out the fc for acid free and using the old framing. $150. for the job. (all 3)

2nd. Swap out for acid free, matching frame to his first order , use existing plexi. $360.00 (all 3)

His response was,"Do what you think is good"

I want to make money and do a good job so I told him I'll go ahead with the new framing with his consent and received just a "OK, if you think so" response.

I genuinely believe they will look nicer with the matching frames but would have felt better about the whole thing if he just said make these crappy internet posters look as good as you did my first order.

I feel like I'm spending his money or even worse like a car salesman telling him what he needs but in this case I really know it is better.

I have never talked anyone into anything they did not want and on a few occasions talked them out of things they didn't really need.

It was just his tone was a little suspicious sounding as if I were going for the quick buck, something I don't do.

There is no question to this post, just wondering if anyone knows what I'm talking about or had something similar happen to them.

Like you said, you really just need another opinion. You said it yourself, the other metal frames are "crappy". He came back to you for your expertise and I believe your reasons for upgrading are good ones(better quality, matching frames). Go for it!
It sounds to me like maybe he was "just in a mood", since you've had previous framing business with him. Don't obsess on the suspicious tone and give him what you truly think is best for the artwork, thats why he came to you in the first place. I'm willing to bet when he comes to pick up the pieces he will be pleased and show it.

It's hard to read every customer and that's when our professionalism and expertise takes over. Treat them fairly and use your creativity and 99% of the time you've got it knocked. ;)

As long as you gave him a price and he agreed with it, I say go ahead! I hate it when businesses are afraid of taking people's money. As a customer, when I get the feeling that the salesperson is cheeky about taking my money, it always makes me think that there is something wrong with the product I'm buying. Have faith in yourself! If you think you're giving your customer his money's worth, then so will he!
He trusts your judgement and feels he got fair value the first time around...if he didn't his response would be different. Don't feel bad at all...feel good about the trust he places in you.

You're are doinjg the right thing. How would these look done cheaply hanging next to the better ones?

Dave Makielski
I forgot to mention... I had a man drop off 6 of the same type signed movie posters and said "do these four simply and these two a little more special"... and left after he gave me a $ 500.00 cash deposit and said let him know if I needed more cash.

I figured out what I wanted to do with them and called him with the price... about $ 3400.00 for the six using LJ's Zen with the two special ones stacked frames and all with restore fom-brd mounting, spacers and UV glass.

He brought in another $ 1000.00 cash deposit (unasked for).

Picked them up and paid the balance in cash the day they were done! :D

Dave Makielski
Thanks everyone, your responses were what I was thinking. Just is nice to hear others are in my corner.
If they don't like it are you prepared to eat the framing and replace it? If not DON'T DO IT. If so, plug along.
You didn't say that you got a deposit.
If not, you should.
No, but he was a "star customer"! :D

Dave Makielski
Brings up another movie poster story which I'll give you the condensed version.

A fellow came in who was obviously not from my small town with a well dressed good looking female in attendance. He brought in the big movie poster from the movie "Blow" which shows two men counting stacks of drug money. It was to be a gift for his father for father's day (!?!).

He paid $ 200.00 in twenty dollar bills for a deposit on the $ 400.00 job, but refused (or purposely ignored) my two requests for his name. He then gave me his beeper number to call when it was ready.

When he came to get it he had another tough looking hombre with him and paid the balance...again in twenty dollar bills.

He also brought in another of the same poster that a friend of his wanted done. Paid the deposit in the same way and again asked me to beep him when it was ready.

Well,...I beeped him for at least four months with no one coming in. Another person wanted the poster that used to work for me and so I said I'd sell it to them for the $ 200.00 balance.

Sure enough... the original customer called less than ten minutes after I told the exworker I'd sell it to her and said he'd be right over to pick it up. He came in and again paid cash.

Where do ya think he was for 120 days?????

Would it be good marketing to advertise that I am now the framer of choice of the drug lords??? :eek:

Dave Makielski