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Jul 30, 1997
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I use the Framer's Calculator right now for pricing. Short, sweet, fast, and works until I have more time. It doesn't have a "Save" feature. Can a computer guru add this command to an existing program? I know nothing about writing programs, flowcharting, etc., so don't laugh too heartily if this is a really doofus request. But I'd kill--and pay--for this capability. Anyone know?
Speaking of software, has anyone tried 'Visonworks Frameshop'?
The demo looks good to me, but I would like to hear from anyone who has experience with it.

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G'day Merpsmom,
Sounds to me like you should try one of the many other brands of software that saves everything. You generally have to pay for them so you will achieve the result you want without anyone having to rewrite software.
Here in the Land of OZ we have a great piece of software called Frameit, which I have been using since the early 90's and it does job sheets, invoices, statements, customers details, daily & monthly reports and everything that I need. I believe you have many programs to choose from up there in the Land of the Dollar bill, so I suggest you try a demo of some of them to see which is easiest for you to drive and which does all you want it to do.
Well, I actually am OCD, which means I've tried every demo there is to be tried.
The porridge is too hot, too cold, too much, too little, too long, too short, and so on.
Actually, I am an expert on trying, and have even paid for some of the demos because I felt so bad for not buying the program. I use MYOB for accounting and love it: MSWorks for database and love it, etc. Probably boils down to too tired too late to start with more than simple. So.......but I still think softTouch Solutions is the best demo and the nicest people! (I sound like an old dog, don't I? Not so: gadget-lover supreme here.) I'm sure not afraid of spending the money: it's the time to tool it up I resent. Thanx for all the thoughts.
I'm with MM. We've been using Frameready (SoftTouch Solutions) since version 1.0 ( they're now on 3.5 ). Last year before getting the next upgrade we looked at all the other ones out there again but still came back to FR. We find it the most versatile and user friendly program out there. If your interested check out their website at www.frameready.com