A bunch of timber stuck together...

Lance E

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Oct 31, 1999
Hamilton, New Zealand
Hey, that's nice. What did you do to bring out the grain in the middle part? The frame is so interesting, that the nice (but slightly boring) picture becomes secondary. People like that sort of thing, though; you should be able to sell a boatload.

I wouldn't mind a mirror framed like that.
Speaking of boatloads, I feel like I'm in a boat, looking out the window, when I see this frame/picture combo. I think it's great!
Lance, Is that wood from old pallets or crates? It resembles some of the reclaimed wood furniture a friend of mine built from old motorcycle crates.
Nicely done!
Great work, Lance! I think it looks really good. Of course, I've been told that wood appeals mostly to guys, but it seems the ladies like this one too!

PS: If the lake were drained, would the water flow clockwise, or anti-clockwise??
It really is like looking out a window!
I like the alternating wood grain.
The timber is NZ Rimu, from a 100 year old (+) farm shed. The frame was made by request for a customer (BTW, a lady) who described something similar to this (we have made them before, but not kwite as big).
The picture (cibochrome) is from Kweensland Autralia (it is the ocean).

The trickiest part is figuring out how wide the inside frame is, after that it is plain sailing. This frame took only 1 1/2 hours to make and is oiled with a linseed (raw) and waxed with a Teak wax (yummy smell, not so tasty). We are going to introduce a range of ready-mades made like this.
What a lovely overall effect. I can imagine opening the door thats next to that window and walking out into that peaceful scene. Great job.

Nice job Lance,

That Rimu is really great looking wood. I take it you don't have any good Kiwi pics to put in your frames. ;) ;)