911 on Melinex 516 / 504


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Industry Vendor
Aug 21, 2000
Syosset, NY
If you have purchased Melinex 516 from United Mfrs in the last few months, please discontinue its use.

GE sent us a substitute film known as 504 that is not archival. Everyone who bought the film will have it replaced. All purchasers of this film will be contacted by phone and certified mail soon. Please if you have any of the film marked 504 or have unmarked film purchased in the last 4-6 months, let me know.

Peter Ackerman
4...16... they are both numbers, aren't they? How different can they be? (Thanks Charles, I KNEW they would be 12 different...)
Thank-you, Peter Ackerman for giving us all a heads up! Good to know that you care about the framing industry enough to make sure all the incorrect merchandise is replaced.
Thanks Peter. I haven't purchased any but it is great that you're on top of the problem. We truly appreciate vendors such as yourself.

How did you come to find out that GE substituted? Curious minds and all that....
I made typo on the Melinex number. The roll that is NG number 054 and if you are concerned call us and we will check your purchase date. Any rolls purchased after September 1st, 05 will be replaced.
Peter, I have not found the invoice with the Melinex order, but did speak with your Customer Service Rep. Seems I got my roll in the August order, so I guess I'm alright.